Just because I’m a healer and am able to facilitate people’s growth, doesn’t mean that don’t go through my own growth spurts too from time to time! I’ve been doing that right along with all of you this past year, and wow what a ride it’s been!

I admit that realising I had to leave Ranelagh came as a shock to me. I have been in Ranelagh for three years and I did a lot of growing up in this space, it feels like a home to me. My practice started here from zero right up to being fully booked, clients now have to book evening spots several weeks in advance! It has become so busy that I need to expand into a new space– since June I’ve not had time to breathe! I can’t take a lunch break anymore or meet a friend for a natter. Even finding the time to make a phone call can be difficult between sessions!! I need to get some more space for me and have more space to offer to other people. So I started to look for somewhere new, and the Universe brought me to Fitzwilliam Square.

I am sad having to say goodbye to Oxford Road: I’ve sunned myself in the courtyard, held workshops and sessions in the healing room, I even had my first Skype radio interview here! I’ve written two books in this space, attuned Reiki Masters, met some fantastic people and witnessed numerous miracles and healing experiences.

When I first moved to Ranelagh there were difficulties with the neighbours; now they say hello, give me a nod or a wink, even a wave and a smile. Some have even come to see me in session just to know what it is all about! I know the postman, the woman who drives the ambulance, the man who works in the post office. I’ve had my hair done in three places on the main street, my nails done in two of them and numerous cups of coffee and lunches across numerous cafés.1458423_10152118329559923_1101251558_n (1)

Moving into Fitzwilliam Square brings in a new energy, from a refurbished shop-front to the style and class of the Georgian buildings, surrounded by busy streets and busy people, and of course the beautiful view of the park. My new space is in a busy clinic with a doctor and several other therapists, a new energy and a brightness that I admit is of a higher vibration than what I am leaving behind.

I will be bringing my energies with me too, leaving behind echoes of times well spent; sounds of group chanting and drums drumming, sounds of joy and laughter between the tears that I’ve shared with clients and students alike. The good times, the difficult times, the work, the joy. But I can live in anticipation of the new experiences that are to come in my new healing space.

Thank you Ranelagh for all the gifts you’ve given me, all of them blessings. It is time to stretch my wings and fly. Namaste.

Abby Wynne is now available for sessions out of The Raglan Clinic, 4 Fitzwilliam Square, Dublin 2. She hopes to have internet facilities installed before the end of the year for her Skype sessions! You can find out more about what Abby does here; or email her [email protected] to make a booking.