One of my clients was talking to me after Christmas about how her daughter found out that Santa was not a real person. It brought back memories for me as to when I found that out too, it felt like all the magic drained out of my world, forever.

Funny though, now that I am doing what I am doing, there has never been more magic in my world. Angels, Mermaids, Fairies, Unicorns… you name it. Divine sparks of energy with different vibrations do exist, packets of energy with consciousness for us to play with and have fun with… if we so desire.

I thought I’d share this list I wrote a while ago, in case you felt, for a moment, that magic isn’t real. Santa is real, fairies are real, the magic is real if you allow it to be. You just have to open your heart and believe, and let the magic come to you xx

Ten Ways to Attract Fairies into Your Life

  1. Create a fairy garden
  2. Leave offerings to the fairies in the house or garden
  3. Look after local wildlife
  4. Tend plants and trees
  5. Clear up litter
  6. Create a fairy altar
  7. Garden organically
  8. Meditate in the garden, specifically opening up to the fairy realm
  9. Dedicate a craft to them, such a baking them bread, making a trinket or playing them music
  10. Talk to the flowers

Have fun!