As most of you know, I’m a Dublin girl, born and bred. I’ve lived here all my life, and I guess that I take it for granted because it’s what I know.

I swear. A lot. Being in my position of therapist swearing isn’t something we are supposed to do, but it’s part of who I am. I read once somewhere that people who swear are more honest, I find I’m more honestly myself if I do swear from time to time. And yes, it does happen in session too, and I find it puts my client’s at ease all the more quickly if they know they are safe to swear too!

Both of these aspects of my personality came together when I posted the “Feck it, Sure It’s Grand” poster over at Abby’s Energy Healing page. I was thinking “Feck it, sure they will find out I swear sooner or later” and when I captioned the image “This is the Irish Equivalent of Keep Calm and Carry On” I knew that was my therapist side coming out. It would be just fine. I didn’t know that it would go viral in a BIG way.


Since September 2013 I’ve been getting a huge increase in likes and comments on posts, and a big jump up in the number of people connecting to me. This post reached 1million people within 6 hours. After 24 hours it had reached 1.5 million and today it’s already reached over 2.5million!

All credit to Fergus O’Neil, the creator of the image, who it turns out works just around the corner from my healing practice in Fitzwilliam Square! Small world, so ’tis.

Sometimes I get energetically tied to my Facebook posts because I care, sometimes too much. I catch it early and I can disconnect. I really had to disconnect from this wild thing! Fly my pretty and cheer up many people in your wake!

Raising my glass to Facebook and all the people who came by and were touched by my healing page – Cheers to you all! And Cheers to you, dear reader! All the better to get to know you, too!

Feck It, Sure It’s Grand!


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