You’ve got to believe in yourself. What does that mean exactly? Well, it means knowing that you are good enough, that you deserve to be happy, and that you are important. You are loved. Whether you feel it, whether you see it, or know it in your brain, you are loved.

If you don’t believe, well, there’s nothing much that will help. People will say what they will say to lift you up and it won’t go in because somewhere, it’s as if a door is closed, locked, bolted, shut. And you’re behind it somewhere….. Unreachable and unable to receive the love that will save your life.

“If the person is not prepared to do the work of change, you can be the greatest therapist in the world and you cannot do anything.” Ivor Browne

This quote hits home for me – it’s not only the work of change the person needs to be prepared to do, they have to know that they are worth the effort, both the therapist’s effort, but their own effort most of all. You are worth it, because you are here. That’s enough.

The world loses people all the time who have lost their core belief in themselves. That belief brings them through the bad times, it grows stronger through the good times. But if it’s unable to be found, there isn’t much we can do to strengthen it.

Dear Reader, embrace the ups and downs of life and know, whatever may come, you deserve to be happy and you are loved.


Dedicated to Tim