Healing means being yourself most of the time, not being who you think you should be.

Not being who your parents want you to be.

Not being prim and proper all the time.

Being you means being messy. Being real. Making mistakes. Saying no when you mean no, saying yes when you want to say yes. Helping people because you want to, not because you feel you have to.

Healing means apologising for your messiness without stopping being messy. Healing means forgiving. Means being grateful for what you have, not what you think you should have.

Holding back those pieces of you, keeping your emotions inside, this creates emotional pain. Emotional pain held in over time creates physical pain. Physical pain creates mechanical faults in the body. See – healing happens when you don’t hold it in, when you let it out.

Breathe now, just for a moment. Let it out.

Let yourself heal.


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