I say breathe a lot. We forget to. Especially when we’re caught up in our thoughts, in emotions, or in engaging with other people. Here’s a 3 minute exercise you can try to help you disengage with the above, and re-engage with your Self. It really helps.

Take three minutes. That’s all you need.

Sit comfortably with arms and legs uncrossed.

Notice the speed of your thoughts. Not the thoughts themselves, just how fast they come. 

Imagine you have the power to slow that down. Breathe, and give permission to slow down your racing mind. Breathe again, and breathe out the speed, now, breathe in peace and slowness.


Slow down the breath and imagine your different thoughts like spinning plates on sticks (like the jugglers do!). As you bring awareness to each plate (not the thought itself but the representation of that thought) you become aware of each plate slowing down at different times. Stay with it until all the plates are slow.


Ok it may take longer than three minutes. But if you do it regularly you can get it down to three.

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