I came across Florence Scovel Shinn when a classmate in my Psychotherapy class recommended her book to me – “The Game of Life and How to Play it.” I was so impressed with her ideas, and even more impressed that she published the book in 1925. Before “The Secret”, even before “How to Heal your Life” all the ideas were in this book, right here, in less than 100 pages long.

It was like the concentrate that they make orange juice from! These ideas were thick and fast and cover all the bases, and I embraced them. Still, it took me some time to process and time to implement into my life. But I can safely say that I’m manifesting my dreams right now, and so can you.

When Louise Hay announced on Facebook that she found an unpublished manuscript by Florence, I jumped at it straight away. My new publisher, Hay House, publishing one of my favourite Spiritual teachers, it was too good to miss. I couldn’t wait for the paperback so I ordered the Kindle and downloaded it straight away. I’ve never seen anything like it. I’m so happy I’ve got an iPad, this book is beautiful, full colour with photographs. On Kindle!! (Perhaps I can now publish “Energy Healing for Everyone” this way!)

I wanted to share one of the affirmations from the new book, entitled “The Magic Path of Intuition”. It’s old fashioned in it’s wording, but very powerful. It’s always worthwhile going back as close to source as possible, and Florence is as close as I think you can get. In order for this affirmation to work, you need to believe it’s true.

Financial Affirmation:  “I give thanks that the universe is my supply; I am now linked with endless streams of steady, ready money, under grace in perfect ways” 

Florence Schovel Shinn’s new book – The Magic Path of Intuition. Published Hay House- highly recommended. And if you’re having trouble believing the affirmation, try my meditation: Clearing Financial Fears on SoundCloud 🙂