“I want to live my happiest life now…” This is something that clients say to me all the time, and I love it. But sometimes they are not ready for the changes that are required in order to do just this – be at their happiest.

Once, during a session, a client of mine decided it was time. we put her order out into the Universe for her happiest life, now. She would do “whatever it takes”.

Over the next four weeks, she experienced dramatic changes, not all of them pleasant. She discovered her boyfriend of 4 years was cheating on her for the last 2 years, that was devastating to her. She ended the relationship. Her landlord decided to sell the house she had been renting so he gave her notice of eviction. Two major life shifts in two weeks. She had, at this point, forgotten the wish she made in the healing room with me, and when she called me up in distress, I held space for her grief, but I reminded her of what she wished for, and that perhaps this was lining things up for the happy life. we breathed together. She released some of the grief, but she was badly shaken.

She had one week’s grace and in the fourth week, her employer announced that due to cutbacks he going to have to make several people redundant, and she was on the list. At this point, she just laughed out loud, of course everyone was looking at her and didn’t understand. “Ok Ok”, she said, “I get it. Bring it on!”. In session with me we asked for new and wonderful people places and living spaces to come into her life in remarkable and fabulous ways, better than she could expect. She felt much clearer in her energies, she felt more grounded and more like herself. “I have an opportunity here to start again” she said.

Within a week of getting notice about her redundancy, a job showed up. Even in this difficult marketplace, a job was made available for her, in a new company, doing something slightly different to what she was doing for the past 10 years. It involved some training, more contact with people, and less time in front of a computer. Oh yes – and more money too! She decided that if the job was for her, well, there was no point being nervous. So in the interview she was completely herself and they loved her and offered her the job almost right away.

A friend of hers called her up, he had been offered a position in Australia for a year and was excited about taking it, but he didn’t want to leave his house empty for a year – he knew she had been evicted, would she like to house-sit for him?

Need I say more? All this happened several months ago, and as she came into balance with the new living space, the new job, she has been pursued by several different men, one of which looks like a possible new relationship.

This story seems too good to be true doesn’t it? Well, perhaps when you believe that life is suffering and you have to put up with or settle for things, then yes, this story goes against the grain for you. But if you believe that there is a higher purpose, and that our higher purpose is to be as happy as we can be, and that we will be supported when we do this, well, this story becomes the way we live. This is how the world is now working – the struggling you see out there is the struggle people are having letting go of the old ways, and learning how to live the new way. Things that need to leave your life are “plugged into” old ways of thinking, you can’t have it both ways – it’s like saying you create your own life, and then the next minute you’re a victim and it’s someone else’s fault.

This is important. Read this again if you have to. You CAN have your happy life now, but it may involve taking a risk, and losing what you have right now. You CAN have your happy life now, but you need to be able to connect to your intuition and know who to phone, where to be and what to release.

It’s exciting. Have you had any experiences where you’ve wished for something and it came true, perhaps in a way you didn’t expect? I’d love to hear your story! Please add it in the comments below, let’s get talking, and help the world shift over to this new way of being.

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