Shifting your energy through gratitude and kindness

Often people contact me and my office when they are facing a challenge in their life that they are up against. I have found that we often seek help when we can’t take control of a situation, especially when we want to. I have found that when something is going against our personal plan or our goals towards peace we can feel instantly defeated. It’s true when things go wrong it can be very easy to give up but that’s not why we’re here on earth. The fact that we are living is a huge reason to be thankful and an opportunity to create a life where we feel happy and fulfilled.

I recently had a personal session with someone who felt like she couldn’t get through to her partner any more. She felt like they were on different wavelengths and even though she loved him very much, she felt like he wasn’t giving her the love and support she deserved.

When I asked the lovely lady if she had spoke to her partner about it, she said, “Yes I’ve told him I’m not happy and where he needs to improve things for the growth of our relationship.” I then asked her “Did it help?” with a smile on my face. She said “Well no he went on the defense and from there it’s been like speaking to a brick wall – as soon as I point it out, it makes things even worse. I am at a dead end with it all.”

Angelic Intervention

When I called out to the angels for support on this situation – I was not disappointed with their simple guidance and inspiration. When I asked what the guidance for this situation was I heard the simple word: appreciation.

I then asked the lady if she had pointed out the things in her relationship she didn’t like and she’s said “yes I’ve told you already” and I said “thank you”. Taking a breather I then said to her “The angels want you to appreciate your husband, they want you to see the blessings in your relationship” and by this point I could see she was getting frustrated.

I then said “the only way you’re ever going to heal this situation is by being the change you want to see!”

“The angels want you to tell your husband what you love about him, they want you to point out in him what you are grateful for – they want him to feel the support that you would like to feel!”

I said “You want to feel supported right?” and she nodded “Well you need to teach him how to support and it’s through you appreciation and love you’ll receive the support you need!”

The lady began to cry and I held her hand – with the help of her angels we had a breakthrough. She was so stuck in frustration she forgot about appreciation.

Two weeks later she came to one of my live events and revealed the whole dynamic of her relationship had changed. When she told her husband what she adored in him and in their relationship they became a team, their love became a divine love and most of all the arguments were so infrequent she forgot they even had challenges. She healed her whole marriage and felt supported more than ever not only that: so did her husband.

Are you feeling frustrated? How more can you show support, appreciation and love in your life? How can you teach to others the loving, supportive way to love and support? Try it and see!

kyleKyle Gray is an Angel Expert with a difference! The tattooed 26-year-old from Scotland likes to bring an laid back approach to spirit. Kyle dedicates his life to helping other people crack open their psychic eyes to the angels with his workshops and books. He is a Hay House Author and has written Angel Prayers & The Angel Whisperer. The amazing image of Archangel Michael is from his oracle cards, which are available on Amazon.

You can find out more about Kyle on his website, Instagram or Facebook.