Now’s your chance to win a place on my Raise Your Vibration Bootcamp
February 2015 class!!

 All you have to do is enter the draw  by adding in your email address, then write a comment below telling me why you should be the one I choose!

If you need inspiration here are a few samples of what I’m looking for….

“Please pick me for your Raise Your Vibration Bootcamp Class. I am having trouble with a daily practice and I know that you can help me break through my blocks and help me get started”

“I find meditation really helps me I just can’t get into the daily routine of it, I think your class could really help”

Or even:

“I’ve been on your Facebook page for a while now and I’d love to experience the work that you do at a deeper level”

I don’t believe in luck, I know that whoever wins is the person that will benefit from this the most. If that’s you, then get your entry in right away!

Winner will be announced on Facebook and notified by email on Feb 19th! The day before Bootcamp begins.

This competition is now closed.
Thank you so much for all of your entries!