It’s Valentines weekend and the pressure is on for love. But love lives here every day.

I believe in love as a universal force and I trust there is love enough for all of us. But it begins with us.

We can be in relationship and feel unloved. Flowers and chocolates do not make for love. Love, like happiness, does not reside outside of us, but within.

 So how do you start to feel love? Even when you’re on your own?
  • Stop what you’re doing and breathe
  • Put your hands on your heart
  • Feel your feet on the ground
  • Say out loud “I give myself permission to receive love”
  • And then wait, breathe, relax
  • Imagine a flower is opening
  • It’s your heart
  • Say out loud “I release all blocks in me preventing me from feeling love”
  • Feel any different now?
  • Imagine with every breath you breathe in love
  • And breathe out all that is not love
  • 10 breaths – breathe in love, breathe out all that is not love. Go easy if you feel lightheaded
  • Then stop and feel how you are feeling
  • Let it go, and try this exercise again, as often as you like, over several days.
It might be a long trip for you to truly release all your blocks to receiving love, but hey, if you don’t try you’ll be back to waiting for someone to buy you chocolates or flowers, and you’ll either be disappointed that they didn’t, or disappointed that they did, and didn’t fill that gap. Do you want that?

Open to love and you will become love.Let the love in, and you will radiate love. Love attracts more love.

Happy Valentines Day. You know you can do this xx

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