I just got news of yet another young person (in her 20’s, and very close to me) deciding that it is much to much to be here. Many young and more “life experienced” people are deciding to vacate their bodies of late. There are so many reasons (both earthly and otherwise) why such an exodus seems to be happening. The reasons may bring the mind to peace, but they certainly don’t get rid of the emotions that accompany someone no longer being present in 3D. Let’s see if we might be able to at least make a little more sense of it all, such that our lives can continue to expand forward………

Right now the waves of multi-dimensional evolution that are washing through the planet at record speed and depth, in the form of changing paradigms, solar flares, and expansive new codes of DNA.. We cannot escape these changes. They affect us at the deepest level of our subatomic spaces, through the photons that get integrated by our cells and telomeres, and at the level of the genetic encodements (activating our junk DNA) biologically. We are being asked to catch up to who we really are.

We are surrounded at every level. With assistance as well, if we are willing to take it.

To that end, those that are sensitive (as is true for my 26 year old dear friend), can feel the in-congruencies in humanity, the dishonesty in aspects of human infrastructure, and the collective ego that thinks it protects us from being all that we ought to be, will be most affected by the shifts. So many have no tools, no way of understanding their Innate Abilities, or how to lead the shift they were born to lead. They were born sensitive not as a cruel mistake, but because they were meant to bridge the clarity/innocence/knowingness they have internally, with the reality of where we are. Sensitive people are more likely to result to drugs, alcohol and other methods to soothe the feeling of powerlessness with respect to what they feel……or at very least, being reclusive so as not to be so affected by those around them.

I know, I am one. Fortunately, I was stubborn and tenacious (thanks Dad LOL) about the idea that “there is no way the Universe put me here, to feel all the yuck and not be able to do something about it….what a cruel joke that would be.” I just knew (for some reason, I knew) we could do exactly what we dreamed we could do. I found so many answers. Of course, any of us can affect global change……but imagine being so sensitive and not KNOWING that will every cell…..so frustrating and indeed painful. And I’ve been there as well.

Unfortunately, a beautiful sweet young friend who committed suicide the other day……as many have, will have to develop a new relationship with me. That I look forward to…and in the meantime, I miss her. And I have about 5 other recent stories of the same general theme.

Now not all those leaving the planet are doing so from pain and internal dissonance these days. Some are guides that will be more effective from their expanded state, some are earth angels that when they leave they give the opportunity for a huge shift in the families remaining for the better (an opportunity that is not always taken, because we have free will), and some it is simply just time to go….the body is not that useful any more. In any case, it all results in a different kind of freedom…..and it is not a bad thing…..it is simply a change of form.
Consider that every death is a suicide. It is a choice on one level or another….always, no exceptions. Even though some look like accidents. From the bigger view, just look at what gets catalyzed. I could tell you so many stories. Funny how so many religions judge suicide……

What are some reasons that many are leaving the planet:
1. TOOLS – Not being trained in our Innate Abilities, that assist us all to be amazing agents of change. The ability to cope with density without being taken out by it. The ability to say or do just what is needed in times of struggle.
2. THE SPIRIT WANTS TO FLY, BUT THE EGO IS STUBBORN – the ego says “that is scary to be seen”. Why? Because there have been lifetimes of memories that say that you get killed, shot, burnt or hung for being different. And so the only solution is to hide in some way. Very painful.
3. SUBSTANCES THAT ENHANCE DISCONNECTION – of course these make us more irrational, and less in touch with our selves and our abilities. This begets even more frustration and pain in the long run. And completely understood.
4. NOT FEELING SEEN OR HEARD – we are born to live out our piece of the puzzle of Heaven on Earth. That requires being seen and truly heard by others. When we don’t have the tools, we are afraid.
5. IT’S JUST TIME – either because the body is not any fun to be in anymore, or the guide will serve more in another form, or the souls purpose was fulfilled, or what was catalyzed has been catalyzed.

More important to me, is that I share a perspective I hold personally from being able to integrate with my Innate Abilities, that I hope will help. The main aspects of that perspective about death are:

1. IF THEY WERE A GUIDE HERE, THEY ARE A GUIDE THERE… if the person was assisting you here, they are also assisting you there. In fact they may even have left their body specifically to do that…..because it serves you, humanity and existence. It always happens for us.
2. IT IS ALWAYS GOOD TO HAVE AN ANGEL YOU KNOW THE NAME OF….. they are always there, you will meet again, either in your dreams, when you pass from the body, and most certainly if they were that special to you, you will be together in many more lifetimes.
3. WE REALLY DON’T UNDERSTAND THE BIG PLAN, UNTIL WE DO. Everything really does happen for us, even when that seems impossible to grasp in the middle of such struggle. When we start to see the healings, the movement, the
4. WE ARE IMMORTAL…..TRULY. WE DO NOT DIE. PLEASE STOP USING THE WORD GONE. Your “spirit” loved ones are clear that is not an accurate word. I’ve spoken with so many that have passed, and most refer to this concept at some point. “I am not gone, I’m right here”.
5. IT’S NOT THE END, IT IS THE BEGINNING OF A NEW VERSION OF THE RELATIONSHIP. Anyone can learn to commune with those that have passed……but only from a place of non-attachment (Ie. not of desperation but instead of love and heartfelt connection )
6. WHEN THE BODY IS DONE, AND WE ARE DONE WITH IT….it’s perfect to leave, and be free of it. If only to come and get a new one later. They will see you on the flip side……for real.
7. WHEN OUR PETS SHOW US SYMPTOMS THAT REQUIRE A LOT OF SUFFERING TO CORRECT WITH IFFY RESULTS use your instincts. Ask them if they are simply telling you it’s time to go. Be very conscious to listen to what they are telling you. I will leave any application to the same scenario for humans up to your rationality and spirit…………it’s an interesting question…..

And finally, what is it that we who are here, who truly with all our hearts are wanting to create an environment where all can thrive…what is it that we CAN do?

1. Become yourself…..just do the work, have the courage to be seen
2. Love and have compassion….anyone who is behaving harshly, is protecting themselves. They are afraid. Remember that you too have been harsh or behaved “oddly” in order to protect……..
3. Be the bridge…….bring understanding where there is none
4. Don’t judge……..just seek to understand…..it is the bridge to a better world
5. You are special and unique……your willingness to ‘not fit in’ and live beyond the confines of trying to be accepted, gives permission to everyone to do the same………and that provides so much grace within society…..and makes it a funner place to live. More fun, more enjoyment = awesome and longer life.
6. Love those you love well……..appreciate who you appreciate…..enjoy your life so that I and others can be inspired to do the same……otherwise why are we here?

I don’t know if this will help….but I felt so drawn to share. Would love to hear your thoughts.
With love, Jennifer

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