I want to share an extract from my new book Energy Healing Basics, it’s called “Healing after a Break Up.”

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Using Energy Healing after a Breakup

I sat with Cynthia, listening as she told me the story of Michael’s betrayal, how he hurt her, how it felt like part of her had died.

She looked at me pleadingly, ‘It was two years ago,’ she said. ‘And I’ve not had a relationship since. I’ve been to psychotherapy and I know what happened, but I’m still afraid to let someone else in. It’s more than that, it’s as if I’ve got nothing left to give’.

‘Are you ready to heal? Does it feel safe now?’ I asked her.
‘Yes, I’m really ready. I just don’t know how to let go of the pain.’

Break-ups are hard, and we take them personally. We mull them over in our heads: where did it go wrong, what did I do, am I a bad person? We can also turn it into a ‘blame’ game – ‘They were so mean to me’ or ‘They didn’t care about me.’ Alternatively, we can turn it into a game of ‘What if?’ We can easily get caught upin our thoughts and make things worse for ourselves.

Thoughts affect our biofield too. The spin and vibration of negative thoughts can bring us right down to sadness, confusion, fear and anxiety. We can almost do more harm to ourselves through our thoughts than was done to us in the first place.

The key to any form of healing is to face the difficult feelings instead of running away from them. You need to be brave to do this. It can be challenging. If it’s big, you may need a witness, someone to be there and watch you do this, a friend or a therapist to support you. To hold your hand, so to speak, as you move through your pain. By focusing inwards, doing your inner work, being with the parts that are aching, you heal.

‘Breathe, bring your awareness into your body more. Take some time to do this.’
Several minutes pass and I can see from Cynthia’s face that she is much more relaxed.

‘OK, put your hand on your heart,’ I say. ‘Tell your heart you’re so sorry for the pain, for the hurt that it felt, and that it felt it for so long. Tell your heart that you’re here for it.’

She laughs. ‘Talk to my heart? Like it’s a person? That’s crazy!’ she says.
‘Try it. But mean it – it’s about meaning what you say, being real.’ I say to her.  She does this, and something in her relaxes at a deeper level.

‘Now ask your heart what it needs. What’s the first thing that comes to mind?’
‘To live again, to have more fun, to laugh, properly, deeply, freely.’

‘Do you give yourself permission to live again?’ I ask Cynthia.
‘Yes’, she whispers and tears flow from her eyes, down her face. ‘Yes. I do.’

Any time you need a space to think, or when you need to bring yourself back to your inner wisdom, your heart or your intuition is when Energy Healing can help. It can remind you not to get caught up in other people’s drama. It can calm down your thoughts and dissolve away the details. Energy Healing can help you create new patterns and break out of your old ways of thinking. If you find yourself angry with someone, you can use Energy Healing to relax, release the anger, clear your mind and decide about what to do next, acting out of love instead of reacting out of anger and making things worse.

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