A note from Abby: Angie Grace and I became friends on Facebook as I became addicted to her colouring books and joined her Facebook group. She wanted to do something special to celebrate the launch of my new book, so she has created an exclusive gift of a downloadable colouring book page from her bestselling book, Balance, for everyone who registers their purchase of Energy Healing Basics with me! I’m so delighted to offer it to you as a free gift, and I asked Angie would she write a guest blog post to introduce herself and her work to you all. Here it is!! (Hugs to you Angie, you did a great job!!)

Hi Abby –

I was thinking of you this morning and wanted to write the guest blog post for you. You know how much I like your website and enjoy your coloring. One of the things that most surprised me when I first “met” you online were some of your comments about ways to make your personal energy bloom and shine. I truly love how your way of bringing attention to energy is such a direct and beautiful way to help people enhance their ways of being in the world.

I started my day sipping tea and sharing a few thoughts with my Facebook coloring group. Here’s what I wrote:


Good morning everybody!  Here’s how my coloring is coming along so far.  I still think that I’m going to color those little pieces with the diamonds so they look kind of like water fountains (various shades of blue) but I never really know until I actually pick the marker up and start coloring.  My biggest coloring plan for the day is just to gently notice if I’m starting to drift off into busy thoughts or planning and then settle down and make sure that I’m really looking at my picture and the way the marker color glides across the page.  I caught myself a few times yesterday doing things like watching TV and then realizing that I was thinking more about my “to do” list and actually missing sections of the show.  I think it might be a good day to make sure that my quiet time is genuinely quiet.

Ha ha!  Maybe there’s a reason that those blue markers seem to be calling out to me today.  🙂 Part of me sees my current progress on that picture and starts thinking that I need to be careful because the beginning has turned out to have a beautiful color harmony.  It looks more grownup and well thought out that most of my colorings tend to do at this stage!  Old rules that were probably never even rules in the first place start to rise up and I can hear myself cautioning myself to be careful. “Don’t ruin it now!”

There really shouldn’t even be such a thing as the idea of a “ruined” coloring.  How could it be possible that expressing yourself freely through color could ever mean that you made “ruined” art?  I do wonder at times if some of the ideas that I carry around and think of as my childhood coloring rules ever really existed in the first place.  I can’t remember being told in detail what was and wasn’t allowed in my coloring books.  Does this stuff grow out of a child’s attempt to develop child level wisdom and judgment skills at an age when a child’s worldview doesn’t extend too far beyond a kindergarten coloring table shared with a bunch of other five year olds?

I doubt I’ll ever really know at what point in my life I innocently invited doubt, judgment and expectation to come sit my coloring table with me.  I do know that I’ll be letting my inner five year old choose my colors today! Happy coloring!


As I was writing that, I could tell that I was balancing ideas, memories, expectations – all kinds of stuff. I’m sure you can almost feel the point in my writing where I took the deep breath, felt my feet grounded against the earth and found my sense of ease with the present moment. It was the same sort of “yeah, this is right” feeling that comes through in your blog, writings and Soundcloud recordings.

I am so excited about your upcoming book release. I know this will be such a busy time for you! Anyway, I just wanted to drop you a personal note to wish you moments of peace, calm and coloring as the next steps in your journey unfold. May you be free from doubts, judgements and expectation. And may you share your beautiful energy healing wisdom with all who may find it soothing and uplifting.

About Angie Grace


I asked Angie for an “about the author paragraph” and this is what she sent me:

Ha ha ha ha ha, Abby. I tried to write you one.  Wow, they were really bad!  So here’s the basics:  I’m a coloring book author. I’m all about drawing and developing my art so that I get to color pictures that I find fun, relaxing and beautiful. And then somewhere along the line I started building a really deep connection with my colorists – and every day I get to join them in the most amazing adventure. (That I apparently don’t have words to describe properly! But you know what it feels like – it’s kind of like a combination of individual healing energy resting gently into a coloring page, and a warm circling connected energy flowing around all of us.)

I didn’t know that my books were headed for the big time.  My book Balance serves as a constant reminder to myself of what’s most important in my life.  I think I’m headed into this weird world that has fame, excitement and buzz swirling all around – and my place in all that needs to be one that’s quiet, calm and not pulled in all directions. I’m making a life decision to not do interviews. I’m discovering how to build a public connection in a way that still lets me sit on the porch and sip a cup of tea with my husband, while we hang out with two elderly goats and two elderly dogs. (Yep – that’s for real, Abby. J ) I write really bad “about the author” paragraphs. I truly value being the quiet voice and pretty coloring drawings that so many people have generously invited into their moments of creativity, meditation, healing and relaxation. I am honored and humbled every time I see someone has colored one my drawings.

You can find Angie Grace on www.angiegrace.com and you can order Energy Healing basics right here on Abby’s website.