It saddens me when people talk down the ego. It’s an aspect of us, and by making it into something negative we are in essence saying that there is a fundamental part of us that is negative. We have to then live with that idea, and I refuse to do so.

The ego is necessary to survive in this world.

We need to know what is ours and what is not ours, how to look after ourselves and what behaviour is acceptable and not acceptable. Both from ourselves and what we will allow ourselves tolerate from others.

An inflated ego is something you can work with; an ego that is full of resentment is something you can change over time. By loving our ego as a part of ourselves, just like by loving the body, or the mind, we can soften it. Wonderful things happen when you do this – your ego relaxes and opens to the flow of life, and it is then able to accept and receive the love it deserves. Nothing negative about that.

I would be lost without my ego, it keeps me honest and authentic. Because that’s my intention for it. Loving all the aspects of ourselves is fundamental to whole-heartedness.

Perhaps you could take some time with your ego and see if you can work it towards the same end.

Do your work and heal yourself, by healing yourself you heal the world. Namaste.