When we come from lack, from scarcity, it is because we are not fulfilled. Our containers are not full, and we are looking around for something to fill them with, while frantically trying to hold onto what we do have. We feel the need to control everything, when in reality we don’t control anything. And we don’t trust that we already have everything we need.Today I was feeling like I needed something but I didn’t know what it was that I needed. I get like this sometimes, I wonder if it is me connecting into the collective need, but I went with my intuition when it told me to go to my local Tesco.

I parked the car in my usual space right beside the main entrance and I went in, not knowing what I wanted to buy. The first thing that caught my eye was the display on sewing. I went up to it and looked at the different threads, the scissors, the tapestry kit. I said to myself “well, if I ever needed sewing materials, I could come here and get whatever I needed, but right now I’m ok for sewing stuff, I don’t need this.”

This got me thinking, anything they have in Tesco I can have, if I feel I need it.

I walked up and down the aisles, thinking and feeling this idea of the abundance in Tesco is a reflection of my own abundance. “They have this….. they have that…. if I ever feel I need it, then I can have it, so I already have it……” I went to the shampoo isle and chose a hair treatment, and I went to the coffee isle and got some coffee. Then I went to the snack isle, and I stood there looking at all the chocolate, crisps, sweets that I used to crave, that used to rule my life. Over time and with a  lot of work I raised my vibration above the vibration of the sugary foods, so I didn’t feel any draw towards them today. I said to myself, “I don’t need this food today, but if I ever need it, I can come here and buy it, and have it.”

How can you apply this way of thinking to yourself?

Try saying the following affirmations:

  • “I can have anything I need” [Is this true? If you don’t think it is, then you have to work on this one first.]
  • “I am grateful for everything that I already have” [Is this true? if you’re complaining about many things, perhaps you need to stay here and work with this one.]
  • “I am abundant, I have everything I need”
When you can say this last one and mean it 100% “I am abundant, I have everything I need”, you can keep in mind that if you don’t have food for dinner you still have access to a supermarket which does have food for your dinner, then you have EVERYTHING you need. You ARE abundant.So you don’t have to lie to yourself, or “fake it till you make it” when it comes to feeling abundant, when it comes to being grateful. Because you already do have all that you need. Ok maybe your bank account doesn’t reflect the amount of food in Tesco, but do you need all that food for you? Truly? So what is the work you need to do?

Raise your vibration so that the things that you would like to see in your life, can come to you. Be the energy of what it is you want to see. How do you do this? Well, if you’ve been following me for a while, you probably have some idea already! I’m practical, I have lots of exercises, meditations and books now that will tell you exactly how to raise your vibration. They’re making Energy Healing into an online class, available after the summer, and I have my Bootcamp class coming up in October of this year. Did I tell you I’m writing a new book? ;-D My mission statement – to empower the world to heal itself.

So go visit your local supermarket, stand there without needing anything, and begin to believe that you can have anything you want. That you are the energy of abundance. I believe you can do it. See what changes for you.

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