One year ago, if I had woken up to the clouds that span across the horizon today, I would have been devastated. I’m in the Algarve, we come every year, my Dad owns a villa and the family shares it, we certainly get great use out of it. I can see how much I’ve changed, today I’m delighted to be here, weather regardless. (Imagine, it’s hotter in Dublin today than here!! That never happens!! Hope all of you in Ireland are enjoying your sunny day!)

When I went to the supermarket yesterday, I could also see how much I’ve changed. Instead of the biscuits, steak, sausage, lunchmeat, bread, cake and more bread, I got nectarines, lettuce, spinach, I actually got excited to find fresh lemons! We brought our juicer over, and I’m juicing and having smoothies, instead of bread and meat and cheese. It took two years for me to get to this place.

I get up and do my exercises now to strengthen my back, I walk, I’ve let go of alcohol pretty much, the only thing I won’t give up is my coffee! And I’ve not done any of these things because I felt that I should, I did them because they felt right to me. My healing work became a vocation about 3 years ago, I struggled with it, but then I let it in. And it transformed me. You don’t have to have a vocation to transform, but you can change anything about you, and your life, if you want to.

Thats the difference between a lifestyle change and a quick fix. Every year I change and grow, and so do you. That’s who we all evolve as a community. Take a few minutes and track back to who you were this time last year. What were you buying in the supermarket? What was your response to an overcast summer’s day? Now, track forward a year – what would you like to be doing that’s different? Maybe write it down, work on it a bit, come up with a plan. You can make a lot of changes in a year, but you can’t make them all at once.

And if you feel you should be making changes, and you can’t, then be with where you are.  Because pushing or forcing yourself creates a gap between where you are and where you want to be, and if you fall into it, it’s very difficult to come back out again.

Sending you lots of love from the Algarve, I’ll be here for the next three weeks! If you want more regular updates on what I’m doing, you can follow me on Instagram!


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