A blue moon isn’t actually blue, it’s when there are two full moons in the same month. Although there can be times where the moon in its fullness, appears blue, but this is usually due to pollution in the sky.

So why do we place so much importance on a blue moon? Well, a blue moon hasn’t happened since 2012 and won’t happen again until 2018, it only happens once in about every 2 and a half years.

I think the way we treasure this “rare” occurrence is ironic, because it just shows us how out of sync we are with the lunar cycles. We live with our man-made calendar which does what we want it to do, regardless of the rhythms of the plant we live on. We are made of water, of earth, of star stuff, and we do get affected by lunar cycles, by diurnal rhythms (the number of sunshine hours in the day) and by circadian rhythms (any biological process that takes 24 hours). But that isn’t important to society. We expect that we will get up at 7am, whether its bright outside or not, we expect that we will be hungry at around 1pm whether we are or not, and we expect that we can have a big meal out with friends at 8pm and still sleep through the night.

I’m honouring the blue moon tomorrow night by honouring our humanness. Honouring that aspect of us that needs to hibernate in winter, and that aspect which becomes active in summer. Honouring the season that we are in – mid-summer (well, for me anyway) and honouring the seasonal changes that are on the way (for all of us!). And I will be looking at what I need to help me get through it, what I really need, not what society tells me I need, or what I think I need.

I’ve got all my crystals out on my window ledge, and they’ll soak up the moon, and perhaps, if I’m awake, I’ll moon-bathe, like Anais Nin [who says that she preferred doing that to sunbathing because it made her skin translucent! (though I’ll stick to my tan thanks very much!!)].

And perhaps, if you look at the full, blue, moon, (perhaps you’ll now make a point of going to look for it) you can reflect on how you are a natural being, with a body made of star stuff, of water, with rhythms and biology and chemistry, and that your body might be needing something that you are not aware of because you need to reconnect with it. Here’s a link to my body reconnection exercise, perhaps you could start there.

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