Being a healer is a vocation. It’s not the easy path. All of my healer friends know this. Boundaries are so important. I’m always working on mine so I don’t get depleted.

The energies going around right now are fierce. Blue moon and the like. It’s worthwhile taking some time to check your boundaries, right now, to ensure you’re not being drained by unexpected (or expected) sources. We have to look after ourselves first. How will we have anything to give others if we are not healthy?

So say no. A big energetic no, and look after your own health first. Don’t apologise for it. If we want to be valued more as healers, we need to value ourselves more first.

I wrote this on Facebook, on Instagram and on Twitter last week, and here are some of the responses I received:

I am so sensitive and was asking myself today why I have to bring myself down just because people around are sharing negative feelings. I need to take care of myself more..

i started to set boundaries and avoided unnecessary dramas, I need my space to recharge myself, to meditate, do yoga or simply lay down and enjoy my own company.. I’m an empath and a healer, I can’t give to others if I don’t have energy and love for myself. Thank you for your inspiration

I’m just coming out of a selfish 2 month’s hibernation of letting go, karma release. I strongly recommend selfish time out in life. You need to look after yourself first in order to make the best impact on the world or your spiritual journey.

To the last person, I suggested changing the word “selfish” to “self-care”, because thinking that taking care of ourselves is selfish defeats the purpose. Can you see that even how we speak to ourselves and to others creates boundaries? She replied: Yes, the term ‘self-care’ resonates with me much better. Love the huge energy after hibernation!

Huge energy after hibernation, the comeback, the replenishing. It’s vital. We need it. And if we have expectations that a summer break will give it to us and it doesn’t, well we have to make the time for replenishment, anytime we need it. That includes saying no to people we love, until we are better able to be available.

Think about it – the quality of care we have to offer isn’t our best when we are not at our best. They deserve our best, and we deserve to be at our best before we offer help.

I hope this post today stimulates you to think a bit about how you see your “me” time, your “replenishment time”. Taking some time out every day is more important than waiting for a summer break. Spiritual practice brings you back to yourself. I’ll be re-branding my Raise your Vibration Bootcamp, which runs next month, where we, as a group, can all take part in a 10 minute spiritual exercise together every day for 21 days. I hope to make it more affordable, and easier for people to pop in and do the exercise. If you need some help creating space to come back to you, this could be just the thing to get you started. I’ll post up more details when I have them!


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