“We all live on the same planet but we create the world we live in.”

I’d like to talk about this idea. Take a moment right now, just a breath even, and sit with this idea. What do you think it means?

Here are my thoughts on it:

Planet = Earth, that’s where we live. But look at the people around you – are they really here? Fully present in their lives? Maybe you know people that live mostly in their heads? Maybe you do that too from time to time? So are you really here, at all?

Mostly people are not here; I get clients all the time saying “Why am I here? What is my soul purpose? What am I supposed to be doing?” I always start with “Are you fully present in your life? Are you connected to your intuition? To your heart centre?” Okay then, we live on Planet earth, but most of us are not fully present here, so where are we then?

I think we go about our business, keep our heads down, doing what we have to do, and mostly don’t even realise we are making the choices that we are making. [For example as in the movie “The Devil Wears Prada”] We are influenced by the people around us, by where we live, but we are the centre of the universe of our awareness. (and again, we’re not often aware of this!)

I said to my 14 year old daughter last year (when she was 13), “Prove to me that you’re NOT the centre of the actual Universe.” She gave me the following reason straight away “You were born before me and had a life before me and did stuff I don’t know about!” She was delighted with herself until I said to her “Well of course you would want me to be that way, there’s no point me appearing to be the same age as you, otherwise how would you feel safe? So let’s say you set that scenario up to give yourself a mother you feel safe around.” She thought for a minute. “I don’t know what my friends are doing when I’m not seeing them.” So I said “That makes sense, so you’ve set that up that way too.” Shocked, she said “What about the terrible things that happen far away?” “Well,” I said “Firstly they’re far away, so they don’t impact you directly, and secondly you expect the world has terrible things, so perhaps you created those, and far enough away so you can still be happy.” ***see below Her last best effort was this: “What about all the stuff I have to do that I don’t like doing?” So I replied with this: “I guess you believe that you have to work hard, and that there are things that you have to do that you don’t like doing, so you’ve created those too….” She was dumbfounded. There wasn’t one thing that she could say to me that would prove to me that she wasn’t the centre of the Universe.

Of course, the one thing that proves to me that she isn’t, is that I feel I could be the centre of the Universe too. Perhaps I created her with her inquisitive mind and innate curiosity, to be the daughter that I’m so proud of. And who can say that I didn’t?! We are humble in our make-up as Humans,  we are able to feel compassion for others, and this empathy that we have lets us give the benefit of the doubt to something greater than us. Which leads us to believe that we are not in fact the centre of THE Universe, where the Universe is all things, but we are possibly the centre of our own little Universe, which resides inside the bigger Universe.

Scientifically, you cannot have more than one Universe, so I’m calling our “little Universe” a world instead.

This reminds me of a song by Everything but the Girl, called Oxford Street – it goes like this:
I thought the Humber would be the gateway from my little world into the real world.
But there is no real world – we live side by side, and sometimes collide.

We live side by side, and sometimes collide. With each other. Our many worlds within the one Universe.

Maybe it’s time to recognise that we do create the world we live in by what we choose to fill it with, by what we pay attention to, and by what we invest ourselves in. These can be both healthy things and unhealthy things. Face it – when you give your power to someone, you’re investing a piece of your self in them, whether you feel they’re the right person to invest in, or not.

So ask yourself what are you filing your world with? What would you like to see more of? Less of? Can you become more aware of what your world is like?

I’d love to hear from you – leave your answer in the comments below.

***I’m in no way saying here that people in war-torn or famine stricken areas have set themselves up for what they are experiencing. This blog is specifically written for personal development purposes only.***

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