I listened to an interview with Sandra Ingerman about the meaning of “Awakening”. I wasn’t aware that she had been hit by lightening, drove her car off of a cliff and was almost flattened by a boulder while climbing up Mount Shasta. She also nearly drowned when she was in her early 20’s (wow!). She said that each time something like this happened to her, she felt like she had a choice as to whether to come back or not, and she choose to come back, each time reconnecting to a source of love which she let into herself at a deeper and deeper level.  She said the most profound experience was when her father died, she felt her heart break, and the love flooded the space in her heart, and she expanded. She reckons awakening is both a result of spiritual initiation, such as the dramatic events she experienced in her life, and a gradual process over time.

Her life is full of very dramatic events. Not everyone needs so many wake up calls. A wake up call awakens us. These wake up calls can be smaller, from a near miss car accident, to seeing a baby’s smile, or just having a realisation that there is more to this life.

We are not all here to do the same thing, we are not all the same. 

There is no call for us to all be the same, to have the same experiences and the same epiphanies. If we were, if we did, we would be repeating the work that someone else has already done or is in the throes of doing.

We have to ask the biggest questions of all – why are we here? What is the purpose of life? We may never know the exact reasons, but for me right now, being here, in my body, on this planet, is an opportunity to experience what I am experiencing. To touch, feel, taste, see, and hear beauty around me. To be challenged and to grow. To choose the path of love over the path of fear. Not everyone can do this, and that’s okay, and one of my challenges right now is healing the part of me that feels that it has to heal everyone else. I can’t do it for them. And if I did, they’d be missing out on the experiences that they are here to have. Theirs, not mine.

So what is awakening? Realising that we are all different, that you can’t live someones life for them, or do their work for them. Knowing that happy ever after takes commitment and work, and making that commitment and doing that work. It takes courage and strength, and a connection to something bigger than just our selves. This could be community, spirit, God… whatever you feel is transcendent.

For some of us to awaken we need to drive our car over a cliff, or be hit by lightning. For some others of us, sitting and truly appreciating the beauty in a sunset, watching a flower grow, reading something in a book or hearing someone say something in a workshop, going into a moment where we are really feeling that we are small and yet big at the same time…. All these different things can open the space in us where enlightenment comes in. The space where we light up and can shine, for we are made of stars.

Awakening is remembering that we have a light to shine and not letting life’s challenges distract us from that. Awakening is coming home to our true, essential selves, learning how to shine our light, right here, right now, today.
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