Last Saturday, as we were all trying to get our heads and hearts around the attacks in Paris, I saw a poster on Facebook criticising Spiritual people. It was of people on a beach, some of them were dancing with eyes closed and it said in the typical format of a meme – “Believes the energies from everything affect them” “still eats animals that died screaming and suffering”. Beneath this post was an argument with vile and venom accusing anyone who eats meat of not being spiritual.

This made me so angry I nearly unfriended my longtime Facebook friend who posted this up. I got involved in the conversation and saw I was bashing my head against a brick wall, so I decided not to engage with it further. Some people just cannot hear the frequency that you are emitting, shouting louder doesn’t make it any more audible. Why did it make me angry? (And yes, I do get angry. I’m human.)

Because we are ALL spiritual beings, we are ALL affected by energies from everything. ALL of us. So as I was trying to make sense of the situation of death in Paris, or the refugees, or the fires in Indonesia, the killings in Kenya, or indeed the killings in Bangladesh, this poster and the lack of open-mindedness almost triggered a huge conflict in me. But instead I caught it and I walked away. I reconnected to myself, to love.

And then I came back, to her, and to Facebook because we have to. We live here now, and this is the world that we are living in, now. It was part of my process too, and I was glad that I have learnt that I do not need to have the last word, even in turbulent times. So that’s what I posted from thereon in: Be Love. Amplify Love, Spread love.

I wanted to compare notes so I asked my Facebook framily (friends + family) what they felt at this time too, here are some of their comments:

I’ve been given hope by the reactions of the victims and the people of Paris, so far, most of them refusing to react with revenge.
I learned you need to hold your peace like a precious egg. Listen and feel with your heart and soul not so much with your eyes and mind
The only thing I can do and be is love.
All of the posts that encouraged counteracting fear and hate with light and love helped me the most.

We can either support each other or become part of the problem. Remember that Spirituality is a process. A never-ending, question-filled, heartfelt, passionate, painful process. We inside are kicking and screaming, struggling with what is inside of us, how could it be reflected back to us from the whole, as such terror and violence?

Caroline Myss says, given the right conditions, there is a terrorist inside all of us, most of us have not been given those conditions. I say, let’s acknowledge that within us that which acts out of despair, need, torture and pain, and feed it with love, so that we have no need to act out of despair, need, torture and pain. But WE have to do it, we must be responsible for ourselves. I could have been hateful and hurtful in that Facebook argument, if I had not pulled myself out of it and reconnected to love.

Spirituality is a process, which is different for everyone, depending on who you are and your life’s circumstances, your history your ancestry and your soul contracts. If someone is full of rage in the room with us, we all are affected by the energy of rage. If they are full of love, we are again, affected by that too. What do you choose to be? Love or fear? Rage or peace? It’s up to us as individuals to decide how far we want to go on our spiritual journey. We cannot preach to meat eaters that they are not spiritual because they eat meat. They are. Those that preach in that way are creating a religion with rules and regulations, and moving away from the whole essence of what spirituality means. And similarly, we cannot preach to terrorists that they are not spiritual because they kill people. They are spiritual, but lost. We could be those terrorists, given the necessary circumstances. All we can do is remind everyone that love exists. And we do that by remembering it ourselves.

Marianne Williamson says: The only thing more powerful than hate gone viral is love gone viral.

Here is an exercise you can do to reconnect to love and disconnect from fear:

  • Place your feet on the ground. Listen to the sound of your breath.
  • Bring yourself back in to your centre.
  • Breathe. Remember that you are the centre of your own personal universe.
  • Say the following “I am the centre of my universe, I bring myself back to my centre”
  • Breathe and relax and let your body open.
  • Connect to a source of healing light above your head, connect to a source of love, allow it to trickle down to your crown, in through the top of your head, and to flow through your body, down your arms, out your hands, down the trunk of your body, down your legs and out your feet.
  • Breathe, with every in breath breathe in love
  • Breathe out all the fear you are holding
  • Feel the Earth beneath you
  • Say the following “I breathe in love, I breathe out all that is not love. I am safe”
  • Repeat this for a few minutes, relaxing the body more and more with each breath.

Now how do you feel? You do need to understand what is going on to make sense of the world. You do need to take action if you are called to take action. But take action from this place, this place of love, and not from fear. And the more of us that can do this, the less likely it is that circumstances that bring out the terrorist in us will arise. Keep on going. You’re doing great.


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