There is lots of pain, blame and outrage in the world and much corruption, terrorism and fear. But what can we actually do to make the world a better place? Talk? Do our inner healing work? Not take sides? Not believe the one sided “news” that they’re telling us? Look after our families, our elderly, our community? Go the extra mile when we can and take time out when we need to? Hey it’s actually a good start…

Someone on my Facebook page said “So what do you think is the answer? what should the worlds leaders do about the innocents being killed already by their own presidents regime and by Isis, or being forced to flee only to become unwanted refugees. so many questions but seemingly so few credible answers, where are our great intellects with answers not just clever language.”

I said “Stop waiting for someone else to save the world. You’ve got to do the best you can with what you have.”

We see the global news but we cannot act globally, we can only do what we can do. But are we doing enough?

We need to focus on smaller communities. We can’t save the whole world but we can make our own world a nicer place to live. We are still learning, but the energy of this train of thinking has invigorated me. How about you?

I’m not going to send Christmas cards this year, instead I am going to donate to charity, the one I choose is Medicines Sans Frontiers. They do amazing work at the front line, and I cannot be at the front line. This is my way of giving to the peace effort. What else am I doing? All the work I’m doing here in my practice, through my books, and here with you. And I am sending prayers. Every night. It might not seem to be making a huge difference globally, but I’m noticing the changes in my family and friends since I started praying. Who knows what my prayers are doing globally, I’d love to think they’re helping someone who needs it. But prayer alone is not enough. I’m becoming an advocate for prayer PLUS action. We need both.

So what can you do? Are there elderly people near you who would love a visit from you? Someone forgotten who needs a hug? Or can you volunteer at a soup kitchen, buy someone a coffee or pay a tole for the car behind you? What can you do to bring more kindness to your community? How can you become more generous and loving in your world? Even towards yourself. That’s what I’d like to leave you with here.

We need to take our space and recalibrate, we cannot give more than we have to offer. But it’s time to stop waiting for someone else to save the world. Save your own world. No more wars. If everyone does this what would the world become?

Look after you and your family first, your community second and that’s the world that you can create. Don’t try to fix everything. Peace starts with you.


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