I’m seeing a lot of posts on social media to the tune of “2015 was a terrible year, but 2016 is going to be the best year ever” I just want to say – STOP IT!!

Yes 2015 was difficult, but there were diamonds mined from it, and to mine diamonds, you have to get your hands dirty. You might even bleed a little bit. To find the diamonds, you have to get down on your hands and knees. And there was a lot of that in 2015, for all of us. But there were also many diamonds to reap.

Time is relative

Because time is relative, and because we are able to do so much more now, when I look back at 2015 it feels like it was at least 3 or 4 years long. In fact, some of the months felt like they were years long, some weeks even felt like years. Yet it all went by so quickly. We packed in a lot of things into 2015, we all have grown so much. Heaps in fact. Take a minute and remember what you were like, this time last year. What has changed?

Let’s not shake the dust of 2015 off of our feet so quickly without honouring the rollercoaster of a ride that it has been. The emotional lows also came with highs. The pain brought with it breakthrough. Some of us went into hibernation, others of us woke from a long sleep.

I say this often – we all have bodies that age chronologically but we cannot tell where our soul has been, or how old it is. So you cannot compare a 3 year old child to another 3 year old child, or a 30 year old to a 60 year old. I know plenty of 3 year olds which are more mature in their soul than some 60 year olds. So we are all learning at our own pace, all waking up as we are supposed to, in our own time.

Deliberately choose to remember the good things

Let go of your fixed ideas and appreciate you in all of your beauty, your pain, your madness and your humanity. We are doing the best we can do, and if we feel we can do better, let’s work together and do better. But let’s talk about it. We have a choice now. I choose instead of clinging onto the pain, to deliberately cherish the beauty. Can you do that too? If so, how will your life, and your environment change?

Let’s honour all the pitfalls, the painful lessons, the speed bumps and the crashes we experienced in 2015. But let us also honour the moments where we actually let the light in, the moments where we felt calm, or peace, and really noticed it. Those moments where we felt joy and felt like we deserved it. Let’s bring the diamonds we mined from 2015 into 2016 and stand strong and proud, because we made it.

We made it!

We did. We are here, all together, and all of us better people because of it.