I’m running Raise your Vibration Bootcamp at the moment, and I’m just so happy so many people are not only showing up for the work, but sharing about it in our private Facebook group. We’re getting through many different issues, releasing our expectations around how things “should be” and being more comfortable with what is.

But what is interesting is that once this process begins, we can see more clearly the anxiety that we create ourselves, around our thoughts. Even more so, I’m seeing clearly at the moment how we create anxiety for ourselves, around the idea that we will be anxious about something. We create anxiety around being anxious. It’s not even happened yet and already we are worried that we will be worried. Don’t you think that we create all of that anxiety just through our anticipation of it?

For example, two people this week told me that anniversaries of the death of loved ones are around the corner and they find this time of year very difficult because they become severely anxious. I suggested to my bootcampers that they disconnect from the man made date and time, and reconnect to the love that’s there, all around them. For we need a date and time to know what time to show up for things, what day it is, when the weekend is, but honestly the date and time serves no more purpose than that. Truly. The o’clock tells us if it’s time for dinner (which actually is a bad thing because we need to ask our body if it’s hungry rather than tell our body it’s dinner time) but it also tells us that it’s nearly time to pick up our child from her playdate, or that the movie is starting in half an hour. But see how it disconnects us from our body and to the time of dinner? And how it disconnects us from our true selves, the love that we are, and into the material world?

A client of mine who has been coming for about 2 years said to me “I’m not wearing a watch anymore. I notice all the people around me with their big watches, they’re so proud of them, but I’m happier without mine.” I’ve not worn a watch myself for several years, and I make people take their watches off before a hands on healing session. Not because the watch will get in the way of the healing, but because it gets in the way for me. Perhaps this is why!

Love transcends space and time. Did you hear that? Love is all around us, always. Whether our bodies live or die, our souls are connected through love. I was compelled to spend time on Facebook after posting in bootcamp about love and time, and I found a Rumi quote, or should I say the Rumi quote found me (what you seek is seeking you… Hmm another Rumi quote!). Anyway this one says : Come out of the circle of time and into the circle of love. Which was exactly what I just said. He knows some good stuff, that Rumi.

So how do we embody this learning? That’s the real issue. We can live by the clock, but can we truly embody love? If we can, we don’t have to wait until the anniversary of the passing of our loved one to speak to them the words we long to say. We can always carry them in our hearts. Yes we can honour the date and time, but do it in the dimension of date and time. The love is always there. This is the work of Bootcamp, the work of healing, the work of the soul.

Do let me know what you think of what I have written here. Leave a comment below.