It might sound obvious, but it isn’t really, considering the world we live in. But let’s make it simple.

Love is a vibration, a frequency. Love is an energy.

It’s more than simply an energy though, it’s imbued with grace, there is a divine sacredness about it. It’s got a high vibration and it feels amazing to be connected to love. Being in love for me now means “being in the vibration of love” and I try to be there most of the time.

Take a moment….

Just feel where you are now on a scale of 1-10, in relation to love. At 1 is guilt, shame, embarrassment, 5 is about neutral, and 10 is love. Don’t judge yourself, and this isn’t about “loving yourself” either. It’s like a chemistry test, like having your bloodwork done – if I was to take a sample of your energy, send it off to the great laboratory in the sky, where would you score on your love levels?!

Sounds funny yes, but actually the more I work with energy, the more this proves useful. If you can take away the baggage around what your idea of love is, and just work with the pure energy behind it – what a difference that makes. Instead of looking in the mirror at your own face, trying to say “I love you” and not feeling it…. What if you could instead imagine that you are a radio receiver, and you now need to recalibrate yourself to receive the frequency of love. Just like a radio, maybe you need an upgrade in order to pick the station up more clearly, maybe you need to tinker with the insides to get the cogs and wheels to come together so you pick up the vibration that little bit cleaner….. Think about it. Would this idea work for you?

Okay let’s try it again!

On a scale of 1-10, without judgement, what do you score? Now you can start to work on it. Asking yourself questions like “What would it take for me to align myself to the frequency of love?” instead of trying to love yourself more I’m finding so much more powerful in the client work I’m doing. And it works so well in many different situations.  For example: “In a room full of my family and friends, what do I need to do to stay connected to the vibration of love?” or “How can I stay aligned to love while I am at work today?”

How do I apply this to my life?

Only you know the answer, but you won’t get that answer if you don’t ask the question. So instead of asking “How can I love myself more today?” which is a difficult one for most people, switch it to “How can I stay aligned to the vibration of love today?” and just wait and see. Perhaps the Universe will conspire to help you do just that.


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