Every so often I love to share an exercise with you all, and I thought why not share one out of the new book How to Be Well! So here is one of my favourites, it’s brand new for the book, not shared anywhere else – so if you do want to try it take some private space for yourself as it might bring up some deep issues. Breathe. Don’t worry, it’s better to know what is going on inside you then to pretend that everything is okay. Sending big hugs to you all.


Using Energy Healing to Increase Your Self-Worth

Think of a scale from 1-10, where 1 is extremely low self-worth, and 10 is extremely high. It’s not that you need to get up to 10, but you do need to be at least above 5, preferably up around 8 or 9.

You are going to use the scale, your intention, your permission and a bit of healing, to shift yourself up the scale from wherever you are now. Take a moment to come into balance with the idea of doing this, you might want to ask yourself if it’s okay to do this, or if there is any reason why you feel you cannot. Work it through until you are satisfied that you can, in fact, give yourself your complete permission to value yourself more.

Take a reading. Where do you rate on the self-worth scale right now, at this moment? Do not judge yourself at all, it is what it is, for whatever reason why. As you work with it, it will get better, so be honest with yourself, let go of your mind and ‘feel into’ what it is. Breathe and come into your body more, let the scale tell you where you are on it, instead of your brain telling you where you think you are. Did the value change when you did that? Let the rating shift and change until you get a true reading of your self-worth. And breathe. It’s going to be okay.

Now for some imaginative work; your imagination is a way you talk to your subconscious mind, so you’re actually giving yourself instructions by working like this. Imagine that your feelings of self-worth are represented by a closed box. Can you visualize it in your mind’s eye? What does it look like? Like a pirate’s chest? Or is it plain? What is it made of? What shape is it? What colour? Allow your subconscious mind, your soul, to reveal an image to you that truly reflects what you feel your self-worth looks like. Connect to this image, no matter how dusty, dirty, rusty or vibrant this box may seem to you.

Now say to yourself: ‘I give myself permission to increase my feelings of self-worth.’

What does that feel like? Do you feel anxiety around it? If so, go and do the first part of this exercise again, breathe out the anxiety, and then come back to this when you’ve cleared it.

Imagine that there are riches beyond your wildest dreams in this box, ones that you didn’t realise were there. Allow the image to shift and change to reflect this increase in value. Focus your awareness on the box of treasure and feel it growing and increasing in its vibrancy, let the colours get sharper, like you’re going from analogue to high density. At the same time, see the rating on your self-worth scale increasing, so they come into balance. You are multi-tasking!

Here’s an example of what this could be like – your self-worth rating starts out at 4 and you have a dusty pirate’s treasure box as your image. See the box becoming brighter, as if it’s been dusted off and got a new coat of varnish, and the rating shifting up to a 5. Can you push this further? See the pirate’s treasure box being painted with an ornate design, while your self-worth rating goes up to a 6. How do you feel when you do this? Uncomfortable? Or ‘Oh yes, this is the way it should be’?

How far can you take it up the scale? Transforming a dusty old pirate’s box into an ornate gold-plated treasure chest with diamonds studded around it can take a long time, but it can be done.

How did this exercise feel to you? Difficult? Probably! It feels difficult to me at times. We’re not used to targeting our self-worth so deliberately, or giving ourselves permission to feel more valuable. Know that when you come back and try this exercise again, you may have shifted back down a lot – or a little bit. Again, no judgement, it is what it is. Know that the more you value yourself inside and out, the more you will stabilize at a higher levels. And just think about what else will change in your life, once you start to value yourself more.


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