I want to talk about keeping it real.

We live right here, in our physical bodies, with our flawed personalities and our egos that have an agenda for us, whatever that may be. Our higher selves can bask in the unconditional love that there is for all of us, but right here, in this dimension, we are limited by our beliefs, and by our bodies.

Let me explain: A friend on Facebook wrote a post saying he was told he caused his own illness because he needed to learn great cosmic life lessons. He was quite upset by this, and of course, his friends chimed in, creating quite an interesting conversation. A woman who had been diagnosed with cancer said she was told by a spiritual therapist that she got cancer because she couldn’t digest her truth. They started bashing “spiritual people” who, according to them, judge people from afar, don’t understand reality and don’t walk their talk (which is another way of saying they are full of sh*t!). It is understandable they feel this way from what they were told. This attitude doesn’t help anyone.

Keep it real, people.

We live here, in this physical reality, and we can get hurt. We bleed when we get cut with a knife, and we get cancer if we live next to a chemical plant. Even the most spiritual of us gets food poisoning if we eat something bad. There isn’t always a spiritual lesson to be learnt (it could be as simple as “don’t eat bad food”). If your hip is worn down, as much as we would love to believe that we can regenerate a hip, most of us are unable to do that and need to get a hip replacement operation. We are limited in what we can do in the physical world.

I am teaching people how to live calm, peaceful, love-filled lives, how to change their limiting beliefs, but we have to go one step at a time. Being in a state of peace and calm allows our body to heal itself to the best of its capacities, and gives us clarity to make the best decisions for our lives. We still have to make those decisions, and we still have to take action. So if you need a hip replacement…. You get the idea.

Several times this week I had to say to clients “If I could wave my magic wand and make it go away, I would, but I can’t. You have to do the work.” This is where we are. Yes perhaps the woman with cancer couldn’t digest her truth, but she also now has cancer, so knowing this doesn’t make the cancer go away. Feeling judged, by your neighbour, or worse, judging and punishing yourself, adds more fear and anxiety into the mix and adds to the pain you are already feeling.

Let go of all judgements, accept what is real, and get up and do something about it. You have to support yourself, and asking for help is a way of doing this, and doing your work is also a way of doing this. These things take time. Give it the time that it needs, not the time that you want it to take.

So this week, I am asking you to keep it real. Yes, we all are here to learn something, but we need the balance of doing AND being. The spiritual, AND the physical. Being present in our lives, having the awareness so we make choices from love, not not from fear. Taking the action we need to take, to create the best lives that we can. And allowing our process to take as long as it takes, without judging ourselves because we are taking longer than we expected.

We are here to love, to create community and to support each other. Are you judging yourself or supporting yourself?


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