Before we can connect to Grace, we need to know what it means.
Grace means: smoothness and elegance, good will or honour.

So what is Divine Grace? It’s the energy of healing, the energy of Source, of God, and it’s alive, and here, now. waiting for you to experience it.

I strip the labels off of EVERYTHING and work with what is there, right in front of me, so I can know it better. For me, Divine Grace is an experience where I step away from my assumptions, my needs, and connect to source. I feel the strength and power of the universe behind my back. For wants of a better word, it’s the feeling of having God on your side.

It’s more than just energy. We are energy, but electricity is also energy. Electricity flows from one point to another because we set it up that way, it doesn’t think about it, it just flows. We don’t do that. We are not energy without thought, without consciousness.

Divine Grace = Energy with consciousness.

Consciousness being the state of being aware and responsive to one’s surroundings, having an intention and flow.

With the world going crazy we need to get back to basics, back to the things that matter. By connecting to Divine Grace, through energy healing, mindfulness, intention, permission, you name it…. You can experience Grace, you can allow it to flow through you, you can become it.

Grace is also Love. Just like they say, God is Love, Grace and Love, God, all similar in vibration to our limited physical bodies. Gratitude, Beauty and Joy. Truth. You know when something feels untrue because it has a lower vibration. The more we connect to grace, the more we vibrate at the frequency of grace. And then your world becomes grace-filled. Grace-full.

So take a minute, right now and ask yourself “What is in the way of my channelling Divine Grace?” Because you can do it, we all can. Some of us are better at it than others, yes, but If I handed you a violin right now, I wouldn’t expect you to entertain me in the Albert Hall just yet. It takes practice.

I can teach you how. I have plenty of meditations (, healing sessions ( and books that you can use to help you clear what is in the way and connect. And so do many other spiritual teachers out there. I am but one voice in a sea of many voices. Go where your heart calls you.

And whatever it is that’s in the way, whatever answer you feel/hear/see/know in your soul, in your body right now, that’s your work. Do it. that’s what you are here for. Peace begins with you.

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