There have been so many deaths of late. The shootings in America, suicide bombs in Iraq, violence in Egypt, migrants dying in poor quality boats, violence in Paris….. Where will it end?This world appears to be in chaos. And yes, it is heartbreaking.

Recently in my healing room I sat with a man who radiated light. “What do I need to do?” he asked, and then he knew immediately. Nothing was the answer. Together we released the blocks in his energetic body which prevent him from radiating even more light, we grounded and anchored him to planet earth, and his energy body shot up higher and filled the room. He filled the room with light. You didn’t hear about that on the news.

You have this capacity to shine. I use this hashtag all the time on Instagram #ShineYourLight and that’s what you need to do. Now. Not tomorrow, not next week. Today. Right now. This moment.

“How do I shine my light?” I hear you ask me. By being your authentic self. By being true to you. By honouring and respecting yourself, by feeling safe to be here, safe to unfold. By doing your inner work. By having a daily spiritual practice. By releasing your pain, anxiety, shame and anger. Allowing your personality to process emotion without judging it. By making space for your ego to have it’s little temper tantrum, then loving it for it. By being your own best friend. You can do this. It’s all the stuff I’ve been teaching you about. You can open out, into the room that you’re in, and shine your light. Shine it bright. Right now.

It’s not our light we are afraid of, not really. It’s what we may feel obliged to do with it, once we get it out into the world. That’s where the real fear is. Here’s the truth of it, the highest truth of all:

You don’t have to do anything.

Just like I said to my client. You don’t have to DO anything, just shine. Shine your light. Because you are so needed.

Take some time this week please, and shine your light. I ask you to do this because we will never hear about it, we will never read about it, but you will feel it and you will know. And this is what it is about. Shining your light. Living from compassion and truth. Being a kind person.

Being a nice person in the world. One who cares. Because you do.

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