As time passes I find myself more peaceful, calm and happy. More spiritual. But this doesn’t mean I don’t swear, get angry or upset. I had a panic attack* last week because I drove down a dark alleyway and felt trapped there (*okay my panic attacks these days are a LOT different to the ones I had 20 years ago).

I get anxious some days when I’m thinking about where to park my car, thinking about timings of meetings and thinking about if I locked the front door. But these things I find are very petty and small, and if I am getting overly anxious about the small things (like asking myself “what will I have for dinner” about 10 times without taking the time to think about it) then I know that it’s not me being an anxious person. Because I’m not, not really. It’s about not being present.

So when I say I find myself more peaceful calm and happy, it’s because I am spending more time focussing on BEING peaceful, calm and happy. When I get anxious, I stop, breathe, and spend some time in silence, imagining that I am bringing myself back to myself. Un-hooking myself from things outside of me that I have fed with too much energy. Pulling myself back to myself. Then I feel calmer, bigger in my energy, more present. And when you are more present, you can be available for life.

So this is a simple note this week, but an important one. Especially as people are investing so much energy in dinners, shopping, wine and presents. All these things are not important when it comes to your spirit. Being present is the biggest gift you can give to yourself, and also to the people around you. Try this exercise:

  • Stop, breathe, connect to your body, connect to the ground (this step takes a while, please don’t think you’ve done it until you feel like you’ve done it)
  • Say out loud “I bring myself back to myself”
  • Imagine your energy, however that may look to you, raining back down on you. Spilling onto you, into you, all around you.
  • Feel yourself get softer, calmer, more grounded.
  • Say out loud (this is optional) “I am here, now, in this moment. I give myself permission to be happy.”

How do you feel now? This is the vibration of peace, of calm, that you can connect with now and every day. Let it take you through the holidays, the craziness, the dark nights and the short days (or the summer days if you’re in the Southern hemisphere) and float on a bubble of peace. All because you are putting your energy into peace, and not into fear and craziness.

Raise your Vibration and Feel Better,


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