Here’s an exercise I sent out with my weekly energy tips this week, I wanted to share it with you as I got such great feedback from it. It’s important to have a ritual where you go inwards and look at your emotions, and clear them on a regular basis.

Clearing fears

  • Create a quiet space – turn your phone to silent, close the door, open the window, whatever you need to do to become more comfortable. Yes right now as you read this!! Go on, give it a try!!
  • You’re ready now. Become aware of your breath. Start to breathe and allow your body to relax with each breath. Feel your feet on the ground.
  • Breathe and relax, breathe and relax until you feel like you are more fully present. So stay here until you’re ready to move on.
  • The focus of your awareness, where you are focussing your concentration, see it as a ball of light. Imagine the ball of light moving into your head so that all your concentration is focussed on your head.
  • Bring this ball of light slowly downwards with every breath, down into your mouth, breathe, down into your neck, breathe, down into your chest, breathe, into your heart, breathe.
  • Now focus on your feet, flat on the ground, open your heart and imagine the ball of light in your heart opening up, releasing anything that’s blocking your heart from shining as brightly as it can. I am here with you, sending healing into that ball with you, so let me help you go as deeply as you can.
  • Breathe, and feel yourself expand, feel your heart opening so that the ball of light that you are shines as big as your body. Shines as big as the chair you are in
  • Shines as big as the room you are in.
  • Let go of your fears. Somewhere in the future is a healed you. Connect to him/her in your mind and ask for some help.
  • Breathe.
  • Now relax, expand again.
  • Think about a fear that is holding you back in your life at the moment.  Ask your healed self how he/she feels about it. Ask what he/she suggests you do about it. make sure you listen, don’t use your brain, listen with your open heart.
  • What message does he/she have for you? What message does your beautiful big open heart also have for you?
  • Know that if you were always this expanded, you would always feel this positive and good about yourself.
  • Take some time with this, and when you are ready, give thanks to the future healed you, tell him/her anything you feel you need to say and listen again for a response.
  • Now it is  time to come back, breathe, dissolve away any images you have in your mind and bring your awareness back into the room.
  • Come back into the room slowly, come back into your body.
  • Write down anything you need to remind yourself of.

If you wanted to, these reminders would work great on a post-it note on the bathroom mirror, or a shortened version as an alarm on your phone. You must be responsible to remind yourself of what you need to remember.

Now that you have done that how do you feel? Is it something that you feel would help you if you remember to do it each day? That is what a daily spiritual practice is about. Disconnecting from the daily life and the things around you, coming back to your heart centre and remembering who you are.

This exercise is one we did in Bootcamp last February. There’s still time to sign up for this class – visit xx