I don’t talk a lot about Angels, but I have been working with them for years. I also work with Ascended Masters, and with loved ones in Spirit. As I grow over time my awareness of the presence of these light beings has escalated and now I receive undeniable proof on a daily basis that we are loved.

I was wondering as I drove home after an amazing client day last week, why the Angels and our loved ones in Spirit take such an interest in our lives. Why, when we call on our Angels, do they show up? Why do these amazing light beings we call Ascended Masters take such an interest in us, help us and guide us?

I received the answer to my question from Spirit almost immediately and so clearly that I want to share with you. The reason why it took me several days to write this is because I needed to become clear with it myself, because it is an important message.

Spirt spoke to me and said “We see you. We understand how difficult it is to be human. Especially now. We are here. Don’t be afraid to ask for help. You are not alone.”

This is enormous. Truly it is. To know that these beautiful beings of light are really here, and want to help us with everything.

Now you know I’m all about being responsible for your own healing process. That has never changed and it never will. You have a will of your own, you’re the one that makes choices for your life whether they be conscious choices or unconscious choices, that’s up to you. But this message to me is a signal that I need to speak more often about the glorious beings of light that heal us, that are surrounding all of us, that you can call upon at anytime for help. Anytime. And I always encourage you to ask for help.

One way you can ask these light beings for help is through prayer.
Here’s a prayer you can try right now:

Dear Angels,
I ask you for help. I ask for the strength to get through this day. I ask for the heaviness to be lifted from my heart. I ask for my blocks in hearing your wonderful guidance be lifted.
I am so grateful for this opportunity to work with you.
I am so grateful for this opportunity to heal.
I understand that I have a choice and I make choices every minute of every day. Please help me become more aware of my choices so that I can choose from love instead of fear.
Thank you
Thank you
Thank you

Remember: Prayers change you. You change things.

You can pray for strength. Pray for clarity. Pray for guidance.
Pray in gratitude for this day, for this life.
Pray for help and relief for others whom you feel are sick or suffering from emotional pain.
Ask that emotional pain to be lifted from you.
Ask for healing to come to all those who need healing.
Pray that people learn how to choose love over fear.
Pray for fear to be removed from the paradigm that we live in.

Prayers and requests are received and guidance and answers come quickly. Just be still and listen.

I will do some more writing around this. I’m here to teach you how to heal yourselves, and this includes teaching you how to work with Angels, Masters and Guides.

And the Angels want to help us, as do the Ascended Masters and many of our Ancestors.

It is time now to heal. To put away the petty jealousies and hates that hold us back. To stop creating drama and to attach to love instead. It’s time to be certain in the pit of your stomach that you are loveable even if the person you want to love you doesn’t understand you.

It is time now for you to live your best life. Are you ready? Just ask for help 


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