Donald Trump is the new President of America. People are upset, devastated, in shock. Now, more than ever, it is important for you to be aware of your own behaviour, to not buy into fear and hatred. There are ways you can voice your clear opinion, from a calm and grounded space, rather than be a reactionary.

I know America is hurting, I know America is split. But it’s not a time to panic. It’s time to connect to our values and live a more authentic life, a more profound spiritual life. Time to live a life where everyone believes that everyone deserves kindness and compassion, where you can stand up and proudly say “All lives matter” without being afraid of being attacked. Because they all do – No matter what religion, race or ethnicity, we are all souls in physical bodies, we are all connected and we are all related.

So I have some please don’t’s for you. They may help, this may not help, you may not be ready to listen to them just yet. You may say “What does she know? She’s not even here” but I know. I’m connected to you all and I can feel the ripples right here in Ireland. I also own an American Passport, I have worked in the USA, and I have family living there still.

I don’t like saying “don’t”, but I think it’s timely here, I think we need to do this.

  • Please don’t share fear-driven apocalyptic fake clickbait articles on social media. I have seen many of these going around. It only creates more fear-driven thinking. You can unfollow people, you can unfollow posts and you can unfriend people if they upset you. Nothing wrong with that.
  • Please don’t say think or feel that this is the end of THE world. It’s the end of a world and this creates space for the beginning of a new one. The Tarot card, The Blasted Tower says that the old needs to be shaken up in order for the new to be created. Death is an ending of one way of life, now you have the opportunity to create a new way. We are wired for survival, we are also wired for courage and strength during times of adversity. Tap into that instead of panic and fear, and you will feel much more grounded.
  • Please don’t loose yourself in the mass panic around you. Do your centring exercises, breathe, slow down, stop. Go for a walk, Remember what is truly important – caring for each other.
  • Please don’t walk away from things that you don’t understand in anger. It is possible that the things that anger you the most, have the most to teach you. Bring in compassion and tolerance and let go of your hate. You don’t know what people have been through in their lives. You will never see the picture from their shoes, because your assumptions are based on your own life and your own way of thinking. People need to speak, this is one of those times, so listen without judgement, and try to understand.
  • Please don’t make assumptions. What you think is true is probably based on the stories that you are telling yourself, and those stories are possibly not true. So see the world with new eyes, listen to everything as if it is the first time you’ve ever heard anything like this – yes, ask questions to get clear on the facts.

And prey for strength. Ask for healing. Take time to find your centre EVERY DAY. Now more than ever you need to connect to the truth of who you are, rather than attach yourself to panic and fear. You are not made of panic and fear. You are love.

Something needed healing at the heart of America for a long, long time. It’s a reflection of the growth we are going through, all of us as individuals, and as a collective. And together we will heal it, rather than agitate it, distress it and make things worse than they already are.

We will stand together and get through this dark night of the soul. I’m with you.