It’s time to step into the Divine Feminine energies of kindness, love and compassion. All of us – including the men.

It’s time to speak our truths and gently point out to people where their behaviour towards others is inappropriate. And to monitor our own behaviour and change ourselves too, if needed.

Time to learn how to look after ourselves better so we can look after others. To disconnect from drama and hate. To accept people where they are on their journeys and to accept ourselves, too.

Time to understand there is a reason for everything and that we may never know what it is. And to be okay with that. To be okay with who we are.

It is time go do our inner work. Not to talk about it or to try to do it but to actually do it. (You know the difference.) It’s time to become the best that we can be. To research things before we judge them. To be active in our communities and to reduce the waste we leave behind us. To stop feeding illness and disease but instead to create vibrant health. What upsets us is also in us and needs to be healed. Healed in ourselves first.

It’s a time where great faith is required, whatever that looks like to you. Go find it.

This is our awakening. This is our time. Step up to it. We come together now as a collective because we can do it. We can do this as long as we talk about it. Ask for help when we need it. We are not alone in this.

It starts with you.