You know you have lost a piece of your soul
when you wake up in the morning every morning and you’re feeling flat
there is nothing you can think of to keep you interested in the day
when the colours just don’t seem to be bright enough
and feels like something in your life is missing
but you don’t know exactly what it is

in those moments where
in the back of your mind
you you know you should be fully present
happy in appreciating what’s going on
but it is if you just can’t fully connect in
it’s as if there is a void or a gap or a space where your heart used to be
where your soul should be
you just can’t reach it

it is as if your hopes and dreams should have that extra sparkle
but that sparkles missing
and you just don’t care
like a dullness there
like you know you reading all these books and you’re seeing all these people
and you’re hearing all the words but it’s just not connecting in
is just not you
because you’re not whole

There is a piece of you that’s missing
it’s not something that someone else can give you
you know sure when your partner your lover your your family appreciate you
open hearted they give love to you
you can forget for a moment that you don’t feel whole
and you can embrace the love that they have to offer
but you need an endless supply of that to fill this hole
and you wear it out you wear yourself out
you know you just wear it all out
and you’re feeling
you know
sadness. seems like it doesn’t get any better than this
this is it this is me this is what life is
so I’ve got to settle and make the best of it

I’ve gone through it and have been through it and I believe you know this feeling too
heavy depression is soul loss
anxiety is soul loss
just not feeling sure of yourself is a form of soul loss
your soul is your power
who you are is all you need
I say this and I get so many people disagreeing with me
I say everything you need is right here
but you know what?
if your souls not here then it’s not here
and you’re always gonna look outside for happiness
you’re always gonna look outside for validation
search outside of yourself for your value
search outside of yourself for love…

because it’s a piece of you that’s missing
the piece that fills the empty hole in your jigsaw puzzle
its missing
but knowing that it is missing gives you something new to look for
just ask yourself
what do I need to do to get that piece of my soul back?


I am here to help.

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