I had a client once who refused to come see me after we did Ancestral work. We created an energetic alter to her ancestors but it wasn’t that that upset her, it was this – I asked for the ties between her and them to be cut. She was shocked that her ancestors would want anything other than what is best for her. The part she had big trouble processing was this: During the time after the body dies, before the Soul goes back to Source, when the dead wander in Spirit, they still have their personalities, and those personalities still have an agenda, and it might not always be for the highest good of all.

Perhaps after following you around for a while, watching you when you believe that nobody is watching, your grandad suddenly “gets you” and then opens his heart to you and yearns for the loving connection that you never had together because he didn’t make the effort to try to understand you. Perhaps by spending time with you, as a Spirit, your mother finally finds the compassion she never felt towards you when she was embodied, because she sees truly now how you struggle with exactly the same patterns and issues that she had.  Or perhaps not. Perhaps an uncle that died is so embittered about how he was treated by the whole family that he carries that bitterness right through into Spirit, unhealed, looking for someone to blame. Perhaps your great great grandmother, the one that you never ever met, is so angry at having had her life ended abruptly, is so passionately upset about never being free to practice her healing talents in the open, that she resents you living in a different time, a different space, where you can proudly hang a pentagram on your wall or tell your friends at work that you’re a Reiki Master. Perhaps her jealousy is infiltrating itself into your biological energy field without your conscious awareness, and that’s the reason why, when you sit down to do your daily practice, you always find something more interesting (and gossipy) to look at on your phone.

Today, in 2017, we are coming out of a matrix of fear and creating a matrix of love. We have a choice now to pull out of all the old fears, the old dark ways, the shadows, and to tentatively step onto a new, crystalline structure that is built purely from trust, from love, from generosity, healing and gratitude. I am not the only one saying this, so you’ve probably heard this before, and you’ve possibly also heard that we now can clear all of our karma, release all of our wounding, now, right now, so that we can step “clean” onto this new matrix and create a new fabric of consciousness that will impact on the whole world.

Yes, you heard me correctly. The fabric of consciousness is changing, and all that needs healing is raising itself up to be healed. This is why there is so much fear, hatred and chaos in the world right now. There always has been fear, hatred and chaos, however we have never, ever as a species, been as aware of it as we are right now. We cannot be afraid of it, we have to do our inner work or we will remain in the old matrix and humanity will not evolve.

My vocation is to be a healer, a teacher, to empower the people, to give the framework, to be a source of strength yes, but to illuminate that source of strength in you. So that you find it in yourself, you feed it, and you grow and transform it and you become strong in your truth. Then you become a beacon of hope for the others in your world.

Because this really isn’t about the ancestors at all. This is about you. Your life. Your energy. Your focus. How you are holding yourself. How you’re stopping yourself from greatness. How you’re preventing yourself from being happy. And the knock on effect of that – how you, inadvertently, may be also stopping your children. How you, by not healing your inherited patterns, are having an effect on those around you in that they are inheriting these patterns, from you. This is about how you can be the best you that you can be, so you can step up onto the new matrix, and join me in creating the global consciousness that all of our descendants are waiting for.

Image by PrimalPainter.


My new calling is to provide monthly affordable healing sessions via webinar to ANYONE who wants them. The thing is, when I run these healing webinars, anything goes.  It’s fun and surprising for all of us, including me! And always powerful. I pick up the energy of the group, of the day, of the moment. The flow comes in and carries us with it, so even though I choose a topic, all you can be certain of is that the purpose of these webinars is a deep, transformational (and affordable) healing for all that attend, and for all that listen to the recording afterwards. And in this case, for all their ancestors, and the past lives that are connected to the suffering that any of you may be feeling today.

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