Align to love. Stay centred in love. Be love in action. Easy words to say, not so easy to do.

The One Love Manchester Concert is, in my opinion, love in action. Arianna Grande is coming back to Manchester to play at another concert. She isn’t letting a suicide bomber stop her from doing what she loves. And other big names are coming too, including Justin Bieber, Coldplay, Katy Perry…. the list grows bigger every day. Out of a tragedy is born a star studded concert with top class players standing on stage saying “Align to love. Centre in love. Love will prevail”

Okay maybe not exactly in those words but that’s what they’re saying, isn’t it? Our children will not be victims, and we will not live in fear. It is going to be a very emotional day.

It’s not easy to stand with a broken heart, and be aligned to love. But people are doing it. They’re choosing to do it. This is what conscious awakened society looks like. And it’s happening, now.

There was another bomb in Kabul this week. My heart breaks for all the pain in the world. We may never know why these things happen. But we always have a choice how to respond to them. We make better choices when we are aware of the choices we are making. That really is all we can do.


Slow down.


Feel your feet on the ground.

Let go of fear.

Bring yourself into yourself into this moment right now.

Pull yourself out of anything outside of you.

Take your power back.

Ground into the earth.

Grow bigger.

Now open your heart to love.

Then and only then make that choice.

Sending blessings to you, and healing to anyone who has been affected by fear, violence and terror. We have to do our work. We have to treat each other better, and all relationships start with the relationship we have with ourselves.

Only when we heal the terrorist within ourselves, can it be healed in the world.