We are a Soul living in a body. We experience emotions, think thoughts, have experiences. We our powerful beings who give our power away to things outside of us because when that power is reflected back to us, it shows us who we think we are.

We identify ourselves through the things that we invest our power in. So when it comes to healing, if we have consciously or unconsciously invested our power in feeling like a victim, in feeling guilty, in being wounded, then it becomes part of who we think we are. Our personalities claim the wound as a cross to bear, a burden to carry, but at least it is our cross, our burden.

So when the opportunity comes up to lay down the cross, or the burden, we hesitate. Why? Because it has become a part of how we identify ourselves. And to put it down and be free of it is a risk. Sometimes a huge risk. Because we are conditioned to be afraid of change, to be afraid to be happy, afraid of what we may be called to do, if we shine our light brighter in the world.

I don’t believe we are truly afraid of our light. I believe we are afraid of what we think we must do with our light, once we step into it. 

When you hear that the answer is “do no thing”, that nothing is required of you only to put down your cross, put down your burden and become the light that you are, perhaps your mind is put to it’s ease. Or perhaps not.

Perhaps it is at ease for just a short time – and once you experience running in the meadow with your arms open wide, lightly and full of laughter you look around you and see all your loved ones still carrying burdens, guilt makes you go looking for yours again. Or the fear that they will reject your new, lighter, healed self.

This is why people don’t heal.

We are afraid to let go of how we think of ourselves, and embrace something that is new.  We are afraid that we don’t really deserve it when others are suffering. And sometimes we just are not strong enough to take the risk, particularly when others feel threatened by our light and want to hand us more crosses and burdens because they cannot handle their own.

To heal the world it starts with you, I say this all the time. Instead of clinging to your burden, you can learn gradually, and trust that you can live in light. Hold your ground, stay light and free and trust that all is well. And only then, when your heart is at ease and your arms are free, can you encourage others to do the same.


If you’re having trouble letting go of your cross, or releasing your burden, my next month group healing session is for you. Releasing your blocks to healing. If you know you can put down the cross or the burden, and have tasted that freedom, but only for short moments of time, then the healing session is for you. And if you just feel like you’d like to experience an hour in session with me, where you are open to let whatever comes up for you come up, and to receive the healing that is here for you, then come join me too. It’s only €10 and you get to keep the audio file and listen to it again as often as you wish.

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