We are creatures of habit. We love routine, we love working on automatic. We take what we are told to believe, and we fix it in our minds until it becomes solid and then it’s very difficult to break these fixed ideas. This is a dangerous way to be. I’d like to look at this today, and possibly over the next few emails with you. Maybe you can open your mind as you read, and catch your own conditioning. Learn where you’re doing it, so you can choose to change it if you wish to.

Here are some examples:

Conditioning for food – 

A search image is a picture that hunters imprinted in their minds as to what is suitable prey and what isn’t. Foragers too – what is suitable food and what isn’t. And then they looked only for that. It’s a conditioned response to the environment, they learn what the search image is from their parents, and from the food that they have eaten over time. So they wouldn’t try new things because they fixed on what they were conditioned to fix. I know that I get overwhelmed when there are too many choices and I usually walk out of a supermarket without choosing anything if that’s the way I go. I need my search image, it helps me choose. It’s not a bad thing unless you have never questioned what it is and checked in to make sure it really is what you are after.

We live in a deeply conditioned food culture  – what if we didn’t use meals to meet socially? What if we just met someone for a walk or for a chat, rather than a meal or a coffee or a drink? Mealtimes are conditioned too. What if we just ate what our body wanted, when it wanted it, instead of feeling like we have to eat a full meal three times a day? What would it take for us to change this? And how many people would be upset if we did?

Conditioning for our opinions – 

I read about a maths teacher in Canada who teaches her students about LBTQ and Homosexuality, there was lots of arguments as to whether it was appropriate or not. I think it is, it gives the students a space where they can question the conditioning of their families, of their parents, and make up their own minds as to what is true for them.

We need to do this more – be with our opinions instead of inherit the opinions of those around us – when is the last time you thought about something at this level? Do we really need to go to college and do well in exams to be successful? Do you truly believe that you cannot be happy until you have x amount of money? These are limiting beliefs that hold us back, and many people are conditioned with these beliefs and have never really questioned them.

Conditioning for health  – 

We so quickly hand our power over to the doctors and specialists instead of getting a second opinion and looking around for a different solutions. We still invest in cancer research instead of into vibrant health. As I said last week, medicine stops a process that gives your body space so it can heal itself. Many people told me after reading it that they thought this was an original idea, for me it’s just common sense. It is only part of the solution, not the be all and end all.

We are holistic beings

I hope that we are truly learning that we are holistic beings, that we do become sick from thinking toxic thoughts as well as being exposed to toxic chemicals and eating toxic foods. I think we are beginning to snap out of our conditioning in this respect.

Its time to smashed fixed ideas. To examine our conditioning and see what doesn’t work anymore, what doesn’t fit, so we can choose with an awareness that is closer to who we truly are, instead of who we think everyone wants us to be. Knowing who you are is the first step, and kindness is the most important thing. Being kind to yourself and to all beings. Let’s deconstruct the culture that is conditioned not to think, and open our hearts to each other, to create a better world for all.