A-Z Spiritual Colouring Affirmations is now live and available to buy! I’m so excited!! This book has 26 healing sessions, each letter is a unique energetic experience.

I originally asked Angie Grace to illustrate this book but she turned me down (she turned Louise Hay down too so I didn’t take it personally!) My 16year old daughter Megan offered to help, and Angie mentored Megan and helped us create a book of our own. This is Megan’s first publication, I’m so proud of her. And so was Angie! So much so that tomorrow we are having a joint launch party, Angie and I had fun together activating both my book, and her new duet of books called Nourish.

The reason why I asked Angie Grace to illustrate my book is because the energy of what she does matches the energy of my work. It’s a bit like music – if she wrote music I’d write the meditations to go with it! And her wide tipped marker versions are wonderful when you’re tired! I’m blessed that Megan is so talented and if Angie had said yes her gifts wouldn’t have come into the open so soon! So know that when Spirit doesn’t give you what you want it’s because something better is around the corner (sorry Angie!! Mothers privilege!) I know you’re going to love Megan’s offerings too. And I’m excited to see what my girl is going to do next!!

So this is what I recommend: buy yourself a copy or 3 of A-Z Spiritual affirmations, and grab yourself a few copies of Angie Grace’s Nourish too. When you’ve coloured in Megan’s mandala and want more of that beautiful healing energy, keep our book open, connect to the affirmations and then you can nourish yourself with Angie!! A double helping of healing for you.

All the links are here, and a free downloadable sample session too!

And post up your coloured pictures with #spiritualcolouringaffirmations so we can share the love 😃❤️

Happy colouring!!