I awoke at 5am this morning to talk to my Angels. They come to me mostly every morning and I can hear them best at that time of the day. Usually I fall back asleep, but what they told me this morning put me in a state of fear, which I quelled, and then calmness ensued. But I was wide awake, so I came down to see our new rescue dog Milo and I took him for a walk. I could see the early morning mist on the mountain, feel the chill of the turn of the seasons in the air, and my eyes were drawn to the flowers that held the dew from the dawn. And any doubt I ever had about the future left me.

Nature goes on. Some people say that the cycle of nature is cruel – there must be death for there to be birth. But that’s the cycle of this world. Some things need to die, to make room for other things. People for the most part understand that within themselves there are also cycles of death and birth. Parts of ourselves that we have grown out of, die, and new parts blossom. Our bodies change, we age and leave behind our youth, just as the leaves fall from the tree and the tree sleeps through the winter to wake with new budding leaves in the spring. We all experience little deaths of little parts of ourselves, and a hibernation, just like vernalisation, we need to go into a cocoon and gestate, and then comes the birth, the blossoming, the new part who steps out into the light.

In our natural growth process we resist death with all of our strength and our might, we cling to the pain, to the old, to the parts of us that are no longer needed, forgetting that something new will come along that’s beautiful and better. You see this all the time in yourself, but perhaps you can relate better when you see it in people you know who are clinging onto something until it makes them sick. What will it take for you to let go of your pain, to surrender to the ending of a cycle and to hibernate, not knowing what it is that will be reborn, if anything? It’s trust. A lack of trust in the belief that something new will be born. It’s fear. Fear that whatever it is that you think you are will disappear forever, leaving nothing. It’s faith. Faith that we are part of the natural cycles and that we are protected and loved.

But we are part of Nature, we so easily forget that. And the flowers are not afraid to die, just like my Dahlia – you can see my photographic series of Dahlia on Instagram. It’s faith in something bigger than us that is missing in our lives. Faith that we will be reborn, be held, faith that we are looked after. It’s the little self needing to know all the  answers and not being able to sit with the not knowing that drives us crazy and creates stories in our head that are based from fear and spiral us into fear cycles and takes us away from the source of faith. Grace.

So what was it that my Angels told me today? Yes I want to share that too. I asked earlier “What will it take for you to let go of your pain, for you to surrender and allow an aspect of you to die, so you can be reborn into something better?” The world is being asked that right now. And some people are so stubborn, it takes a car crash, a nervous breakdown, a terminal illness or a gun to the head to get them to have their epiphany. To get them to realise what is truly important – not what they leave behind, but Faith. Grace. Love. Connection. Open heart. Compassion. The Universe needs Humanity to evolve now, its pushing us to our limits, and beyond. There is a gun being pointed at our heads. Some people have already chosen, some are totally unaware that they have to choose, and there is a multitude of people in between.

Because it’s not planet Earth that’s evolving now, she’s doing just fine on her own. Nature knows what to do. Humanity stands at the precipice. And you are needed to be part of this shift. So breathe. Connect into your faith, trust that it is there, that you don’t need all the answers. Learn how to sit in silence with yourself and be at peace. Breathe and forgive everyone, including yourself. Draw down a source of Grace and heal yourself. For healing is Grace, love is Grace. Grace is the lubricant that brings expansion, growth, flow. You don’t need a gun pointed to your head to learn that. So let go of whatever it is you cling to in fear, and let the love in. And know that you are loved, and you do not walk alone.


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