If I was to ask you if you trusted yourself completely, what would your answer be? Think about it – yes 100%, yes 60% or a flat out no? Why is that?

I have had several client sessions in a row in the last two weeks where we ended up with this question. And do you know what it boiled down to each time? The same thing – making bad decisions that they would regret afterwards. Moving too quickly and not being fully aware of the choices they were making. Making decisions while not being in the heart.

Living a wholehearted life means you are in your heart all the time.

Most of us live mostly in our minds, so living from the heart is difficult – and yes I totally agree there is so much pressure from so many angles asking us to think quick, move quick, hurry up, need it now, now now now… Because we are living in an era of instantaneous gratification. Why do Netflix release whole seasons of a tv show in one go? Because we want it all, now.  Why do people eat fast food rather than cook? And I’ve already mentioned the fast Reiki classes, fast Yoga classes, you can get certified as a teacher in 6 months or less…. Everything happens so fast. From the mind. And you get lost.

Back to the heart then. How do you get into your heart and stay there? How do you know when you’re not in your heart and come back to it? By having a spiritual practice. One you do, every day. And you only need one, you don’t need many different ones.

Here’s my recommendation to you: Do your inner work.

If you don’t know where to start, consider buying my brand new Hay House Video Course called Energy Healing for Beginners. And if you’ve already been doing a spiritual practice, I still recommend this course to you because just like my book, Energy Healing Basics, I start from the basics. And we always need to have beginners mind to truly see what is in front of us.

Once you buy it, you have the course for life. It’s me like you’ve never seen me before – (because I had a hair and make up lady! ha ha!!) But seriously. This class is really good, I knew it was good after I filmed it, but once Hay House edited it and put it together for me I realised that it was even better than I thought it was. I put everything into it to help you realise who you are and who you are not, to help you centre yourself, ground yourself and connect to a source of energy healing. To enable you to move into your heart and live a heart-centred life. The course is broken up into lots of parts, so once you are familiar with the material you can dip in and out as often as you please, using the videos to support you doing the work for yourself. There are also 5 downloadable audio meditations and worksheets, so you can go as deep as you want with the work.You can also watch it on your phone, so it goes everywhere with you. And it costs less than a session with me!

In a fast moving world, it’s great to have something at hand that can help you slow down. So knowing what you now know, I will rephrase my question:

If you knew you would always be in your heart, would you trust yourself completely?

All of the clients that I saw, when I asked them this at the end of their session, said a big, wholehearted yes.

Do your inner work. Slow down and live a wholehearted life. You deserve to experience the richness that is here for you and live a life where you are in your power.


Energy Healing Basics Online Video Course is available from Hay House UK. Click here to learn more.