This world breaks my heart because of all the pain, the needless slaughter, the violence and the anger. But this world also heals my heart, because of the deeds of bravery, the acts of heroism, the kindness and generosity that are also out there. And because of social media we can hear more and more of each. Which type of news fills your (news)feed?

Last week there was a massacre in Las Vegas. Many innocent lives were lost. There were also hundreds of acts of kindness that were spawned out of that. Fred Rogers said about times of crisis “look for the helpers, you will always find people who are helping”. Some beautiful stories were shared by people who were there or who knew people who were helping.

And it’s the times, isn’t it, where Facebook has a crisis response feed, as well as a marketplace feed, and of course, the news feed. What is it feeding? The fear that we create by the belief that we are not safe? Or the sense that where there’s love, there’s hope? Back to those two wolves!

I am in no way trying to belittle the enormity of pain and loss, of heartbreak and savage violence that is out there. But I stand strong in my belief that “What needs to be healed will be revealed” and it is being revealed, one layer at a time. People are asking questions now like “Who was the shooter and what was his motivation?”, “If the shooter was black would they try to understand what he did the same way?”, “This doesn’t add up, it makes no sense, who was he working for? Or was he kidnapped and forced into it?”

And we are uncovering by our questioning. And questioning is good because it brings us the answers, that bring us more questions, that give us more answers, so we go deeper and see what the more is that needs to be healed.

We are here to learn, to be kind, to support each other. And we are here to radiate light, to radiate love, even if it feels like it’s going to break us apart to do it. 

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So I ask you to send the love into those damaged places, those suffering places, the dark places where there is no love. Send light and love into those places where you feel they don’t deserve your love – because it is not your love, it is a love which is pure, free and transforming, a love that is infused with grace, forgiveness, beauty and freedom. Nobody has to do anything to deserve it. Send that love to the people you dislike, send the love into the parts of your heart that carry hate and anger, let that love dissolve the confusion within you and the sense of un-ease and anxiety. Send that love out from you into the pain and suffering, to heal what is being revealed.

It’s an act of bravery. It’s an act of freedom. It’s what is needed at this moment.