A few thoughts on wisdom. Seeing as today is the day in the story of Christmas that the Wise Men arrived at the crib it’s auspicious timing that this is on my mind right now.

We are not hear to teach others. We are here to learn. We learn by experiencing all the emotions – ones we enjoy and ones we don’t enjoy so much. We can’t learn when we shut ourselves off to our feelings. And we cannot pick and choose which emotions we want to feel. It’s all or nothing. So make a safe space for yourself and allow yourself to feel. Feel everything.

When we do learn something it doesn’t mean that we are then obliged to run and teach what we have learned to others. We need to distill our learning and let it mature over time until it goes through a process of alchemy. Learning becomes understanding, embodiment of the understanding becomes wisdom. This does not happen quickly.

Teaching anything that is not embodied in you first is like handing over cheap wine. I’m seeing so much of this in the New Age world. We are all awakening and we can recognise it faster. Choose your teachers carefully based on the depth and maturity of their “wine”.

And if it’s you, when you have this wisdom, you’re still not obliged to teach anyone. But you are obliged to use it in your own life.

I will leave you with two quotes:

The most dangerous person is the one who thinks, listens and observes. Bruce Lee

Speak only if improves upon the silence. Gandhi