A cuttlefish has a remarkable ability to blend into it’s environment. When the sand below is dark, it picks up the mottled dark patterns, and practically disappears, making it difficult to find. When the sand below changes to pale, the cuttlefish also turns pale, all the better to hide and catch prey, and not be seen by it’s predators. If you take a cuttlefish out of it’s natural environment and place it somewhere unnatural, say, on a tiled floor, it takes up the patterns of the tiles, as unnatural as they are, it’s more important to the cuttlefish to blend in, than to stand out.

People do this too. To fit in, to hide, or to please others, we can change our personalities depending on who we are with. One personality for work – strong, practical, efficient. One personality for family – dependable, unemotional, helpful. Whether these aspects of us are natural, or unnatural, just like the cuttlefish, it feels more important to us to be accepted then to stand out.

What happens over time is that we forget who we are, underneath all the helpfulness, the practical ness, the strength that we show on the outside. We forget what we love, what makes us happy, even to the extent of not even knowing what our favourite colour is, or what we can do for ourselves to make ourselves happy.

We live in a time of truth, a time of evolution, where authenticity is more important than fitting in. Where being true to ourselves is more important than pleasing other people. And it’s time to release the layers that we hide under, and to stop blending into the background.

Know that you are here to do it your way. Nobody else can do it your way but you, and if you don’t know what your way is, well I can help you find out. “Becoming who you are” is a 21 day online class that can help you feel strong on the inside, so you can shed the outside layers that you’ve built up, and be more confident about who you are. We will take a full 21 days to recognise, release and heal our fears around being seen, around being different, or standing out. There will be healing, growth, and because it is over 21 days, there is time to embody the changes, so that they last.

What do you need to do the course with me? Most importantly you need to show up, just as you are, and want to heal. Practically, all you need is access to an email account and 10 minutes a day, each day, for 21 days, to do a task that is set for you, or to receive healing that will be sent to you. There is an optional secret, private, facebook group for you to meet your fellow participants, to make new friends and to share your journey with each other. There are two deep, healing webinars too – one to open and clear the fear around stepping into the truth of who you are, and one at the end to close off the healing, seal you in, help you come into balance with the changes and give you future direction. And the online class is facilitated by me.

We start Feb 13th, there are heaps of coupon codes, there’s an early bird, and I’m here if you need help with the payments – just get in touch [email protected] So if you’re ready to stop changing your colours and shape to fit in, bending yourself to please others, and willing to get to know yourself better, and be who you are, sign up here: https://app.ruzuku.com/cou…/25996/enroll or find out more here: www.RaiseYourVibrationBootcamp.com