There’s a lot of talk about shadow, but nobody really talks about darkness. Shadow is the name given to the parts of us that we are not aware of, hence, they’re in the shadows. I have written about this before as I was trying to make sense of the New Age teachers that talk about how to work with the shadow aspects of us. I have decided that the New Age is not where we we need to be right now! Perhaps we can coin an Age of Truth instead.

Behaviours that live in the shadows are hiding from us and all we can do is shine a light on them by becoming aware of them, and then we can transform them. Darkness is different. We can be in the darkness and be fully aware that we are there. I believe that darkness is part of the cycle of life, as unpleasant as it is, it is just as important as light and it does have a purpose.

We have all been challenged at some point or other, some of us are being challenged right now. A challenge isn’t necessary experiencing darkness, until it begins to consume and overpower you, and you feel hopelessness and a loss of joy.

Darkness can touch us from within, or without. It could be because we are seeped in and drowning in the anxiety released by the collective, or consumed by the collective anger as we the people wake up and see things as they really are; or we could hit a point in our inner work where we reach a pocket of pain so great we need to stop and honour it, and gestate in it for a while before we can move on.

While we are in darkness it can feel like it’s not supposed to be this way, it’s uncomfortable and all we want to do is get the heck out of it as quickly as we can. It’s deep within the depths of the darkness, the emotional pain, the burden of grief that overpowers us, where we make that choice and cling to life, decide to stay, and find the endurance and strength we need to get through. This is growth, and yes, I’m fully aware, some of us don’t make it through.

Coal is just coal until pressure makes it into a diamond.

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I love to read epic fantasy novels, good vs evil, and in the pureness of the good vs the pureness of the evil they tend to forget that good and evil are part and parcel of the same thing. Evil, to misquote the Kaballah, is a part of God that has forgotten that it is a part of God, but that doesn’t make it any less of a part of God. In the last moments of book 14 in a series I just finished and will not name in case of spoilers; our hero of the light shouts at his nemesis “You’ve never inspired anyone to become the best they can be” or words to that effect. At that point I realised the author got it completely wrong. If there was no nemesis, no enemy, no darkness, we would get complacent, lazy, and not strive to change things, to change ourselves, to grow away from the darkness towards the light. No, we would just sit and stagnate.

So for anyone who is struggling in the darkness right now, let go of the struggle and just be with what it is you are experiencing. Yes it is difficult and unpleasant, so call upon your Angels and ask for strength, call upon your loved ones and ask for help, ask the Universe for answers, yes, but don’t push to get out too quickly. The man that felt sorry for the butterfly that was caught in its cocoon, cut it open to help, and the butterfly fell out and died because it wasn’t finished transforming.

This is a difficult subject to broach, but a very important one. Know the difference between darkness and shadow.  We all spend time in light, but it doesn’t last forever. Life moves in cycles of darkness and light, otherwise there is no growth.


If you need help during a darkness phase, do get in touch with me. You can email me [email protected], use my contact form, or just leave a comment below.