I feel in my bones that anyone who is truly doing their inner work has long outgrown the New Age love and light standard. Trying to fit into the New Age way of thinking just doesn’t work anymore. It never could really hold us as the human beings that we are, anyway. Don’t get me wrong – angels, fairies and unicorns – they’re wonderful and I love them and they are real to me and I work with them, but they work with me not for me. So I don’t hand it all over to them and sit and prey for things to change. I prey for strength and then I make the changes and I take the action that I need to take. 

Only last week I talked about the importance and the purpose of darkness (if you missed that one you can catch it here). I think now we are in an age of authenticity and truth, because lies cannot live here anymore. It’s time to be real, to be the humans that we are becoming.

Life is a mixture of contrasts, the dark the light, the happy, the sad, the anger and the joy. A little bit like all the notes on the piano – the lower notes and the upper notes. Using all of those notes together we can play beautiful music, but if we played music with the upper notes only, it would be difficult to listen to after a time. Because we are here to experience all of it – the low and the high, to feel the spectrum of emotions, and to grow from that. 

All that is not true is being released, it is burning away. You can see it in your personal life – you know quicker when someone is lying to you now, you can see almost immediately who is walking their talk, and who isn’t. The crumbling of society is part and parcel of this evolution – the banks, the government, the churches, the “me too” scandals… it goes on. And it will go on. Truth, and love will prevail.

In my bootcamp closing webinar this week I got lot’s of “yay!!!”’s when I said “You’re allowed to be discerning, you’re allowed to be angry, you’re allowed to be upset and you’re allowed to not like people.” What pressure do we put on ourselves to be nice to everyone? To like and accept everything?? Crazy!! You won’t like everyone and not everyone will like you – that’s why there are so many different flavours of ice cream!!

Be real – you cannot let people into your inner circle if you know that they lie and you don’t trust them.  There are good people out there who will treat you well, yes indeed there are, but there are also people out there who don’t care about you or anyone else, they want what they want, when they want it. So allow yourself the freedom of choice and choose if you want to be around them, knowing how much it will cost you in terms of time, emotional energy, and mental health. This is the new cost – not money, but time, emotional energy, mental health –  the cost to your life force.

That means that you have to begin to ask yourself how much of your life force are you investing in things that don’t really matter to you? Things that generate fear and anxiety in you? And how much life force are you investing in yourself? 

You know that you cannot force anyone to change if they don’t want to. Sometimes the cost is worth it and sometimes it isn’t. We need to be more careful now in what and whom we choose to invest in. And that’s being real.

This week I would like you to take the pressure of yourself that you put on yourself to like everyone. You can’t like everyone. Yes in one way, spiritually speaking we all one, we are already perfect, and we love everyone. But here, in this reality, on the ground, in your day to day life, there will always be people that cost you more energy than you know you have available. So be real with this, its difficult to be honest, and knowing what you now know, something in your life may have to change. But you will get a payback in your vitality levels. Your life force will return to you. Because trying to be something we are not is a lie, and lies drain our life force. And we can’t live like that anymore. 

Image used by kind permission of James Reads Art