Fear is a terrible thing. Fear sneaks up on us like a dog snapping at our heels. It can follow us around all day, disrupting everything we do.

But fear is not a real, tangible thing like a dog is. The dog in our mind is worse than the dog that is about to bite us, especially if that dog really isn’t going to bite. The truth is, fear is something we create with our thoughts. It is also an energy that we place between ourselves and the unknown. It’s our go-to. We do this without even knowing it, it’s so ingrained. Living with fear is our usual way of being now.

So why don’t we create faith instead? Trust? Or love? Why don’t we have certainty that whatever this unknown is, we will be okay. That no matter what it is that we cannot see, we will be able to handle it.

Because then we would all of us be happy, buoyant, vibrant beings. What would the world look like then? All of us healthy creators, supporting each other, empowered? That’s what I’d love to strive for.

Fear is a terrible thing and culturally we create it and then think somebody is strange if they refuse to climb into it. We need to change the culture. And it’s changing, it really is. Someone wrote to me to ask me to support cancer. I wrote back and said “I never support cancer I support vibrant health”. We are the ambassadors of this message.

Trust. Faith. Love. All three are things feed vitality. But we are wired for fear instead so we have some work to do before we can eliminate fear completely.

Those who want to keep us living small, disempowered lives keep generating fears to feed off of our own fears, and then the fear becomes real. My fear feeds your fear, your fear feeds their fear. Our fear levels have gotten out of hand.

But we can do something about it.

We can catch ourselves with our awareness and pull ourselves out of the old patterns and habits. We can learn to control our thoughts, instead of them controlling us. Like training a dog, we need to be patient, we need to be consistent. It means having an active daily spiritual practice where we release fear, both ours and other peoples. And the most important thing that we can do is our inner work. To know ourselves, and to look after ourselves.


Listen to my group online session “Releasing Financial Fear” and learn how to catch fear and move away from it so you can resonate with higher vibrations such as love and joy. You can also try my SoundCloud “Clearing financial fear” which is shorter, and might just do the trick for you, for now.