Why am I saying people who care are boring? Because they don’t make good or exciting news articles. There are people out there who care. There are even some who not only care but they make the effort and put their caring into action.

By focusing on a world where people don’t care you’re feeding your energy to the wrong people. You’re turning your world into a world where people don’t care.

People do care. There are possibly more good caring people out there than you know. More than the media cares about. Because good caring people don’t make the news. They’re not as interesting to society as the other ones are. That’s the real problem. And people who care don’t need to shout about it either. They do what they do, and then they go home. How boring is that!

There is a universe that surrounds us all, and within it we create many worlds. Like Wayne Dyer said “Loving people live in a loving world. Hostile people live in a hostile world. Same world.” What type of world do you live in?

In social media I still see people sharing stories of horror and violence, and yes it is real, yes there is horror and violence. If you like to share these types of things, ask yourself if you are sharing because you are acting out of fear. Fear breeds fear. Take a moment before you share ANYTHING and think about what value you are adding to the newsfeed. To your world. Share because it affected you, it moved you. Ask yourself if you’re sharing because you’re thinking “oh my god look here’s more violence and anger – doesn’t this prove that the world is violent and angry? I told you so.” Well, yes, it does. And we need to change that. Because there’s just as much love and kindness out there too.

We need to fill our worlds with at least as many stories of compassion and victory as stories of violence and anger.  Even better we could focus more on celebrating successes and honouring and witnessing good acts of kindness. Even the boring ones! Because it makes us stronger. And when we are strong in our belief that we are part of a large and strong community of people that care, together we can change institutions that don’t care. Systems that don’t care. Governments that don’t care. Because if we focus on those that don’t care we become disempowered and exhausted and upset and we stop caring too.

So I ask you, focus on who is caring, feed them with your attention. Actively look for them in your town, your city, see what is going on locally. Because that’s where you live. Get involved if you want to. Find your own community. And then look globally. See can you find a story of goodness for every story of violence and horror. Social media is what we make it. And so far it’s mostly fear driven. Are you willing to be part of the change?